The Vampire Says..Im Chosen..But Why? Chapter 2

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CHAPTER TWO- My Time Has Come


......It was dark and misty , there was a faint light flickering from a distance. My heart was pounding against my chest, my mind was in shock and pain , there blood covering every inch of me,my blood? or somebody else's.A shock of pain hit me like a electric shock , my blood. I was frightened and scared there was no way out ,my body was paralysed. Only my eyes could move.My senses responded to a dreary figure near, I was virtually having a fit .I reacted immediately and run as fast as my limp body could go.He was after me and all i could do was scurrier away.

The figure was several metres away staring straight towards me ,which made my body rigid and weak. The figure took a step forward before leaping into a hunting position. I could not scream , i could not run and the only thing to do was to close my eyes and hope to awake.Suddenly the darkness over took and all there was , was thick black eyes watching me and forcing me to hide in my own dream. Then i heard a faded forceful voice shout.  

"Im Always watching you...." The voice was so demanding almost like he was commanding me to believe he will find me.  

However, this was a dream and i will wake up from it.  

Abruptly light started to glisten in my view and i found myself lying flat on my back , safe in my own bed. Thank god i was safe, although my entire body was covered in sweat and shaky.  

"Wow...What a dreadful dream"  

I stood up and shook off the nasty dream before falling straight back onto the bed from the pain that hit me from my legs and my arms. They were throbbing like hell.  

I slowly stood up not pulling any muscles before staggering towards the wardrobe mirror ,when they i was standing staring at this tender and swollen person.She had pink and blue arms, legs which were forming into bruises and blood-shot eyes which were vividly intense.  

I gasped from the disgust of how i could of possibly done this.Then it finally hit me.  

How could that i have been hurt. That dream was so-real i may have acted out in my sleep.  

"O..m..g..i must have done it ...did i "  

The thoughts remained silent in my thoughts, As i considered the idea that i might have been so into my dream that i may have been acting out in sleep trying to force my body to move. What if i hurt my self on the bed frame while i tried this?. Yes thats deffinately it. Theres no other option.  

I headed swiftly towards the shower doors before making a quick glance back at my bruised body. Hope the hot water will help.

Ding..dong. Ding..dong.  

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