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New update because y'all have been asking for one! I want to thank all my new readers who commented on practically every chapter. I appreciate it so, so much!! ( @stassieee @badthanq @ailwyn_vx @nighttimelover234 and more!)

Question: what has been your favorite Christmas present, and why? Mine was my laptop. I needed a new one because my old one was about to catch of fire (not even exaggerating!).
Enjoy! ;) -May

I wake up as if today were a normal day

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I wake up as if today were a normal day. My eyes squeeze shut to keep the morning sun from blinding me, and I relieve my eye's pain by turning over in bed, and cuddling into Zeus' warm, naked chest. Content and relax, I happily sigh.

I start to doze off again, dreaming of warmth and pine trees, when my man-pillow rumbles and laughter hits my ears. The hell?

My brows furrow together, and I lift my head to see what's so amusing this early in the morning. Completely awake, Zeus smiles down at me while resting his head on his hand. My eyes glance downwards. His chest is in complete view for me.

I can't believe I get to see him naked every morning, I think.

No! Not fully naked! Not yet, at least, a dark part of myself reminds me.

I finally meet Zeus' gaze again. "What's so funny?"

He grins and sweeps down to kiss me--morning breath, dried up drool, and all. I protest but my body melts against his own body. When Zeus pulls away from our morning kiss, he chuckles again and runs his hand through my tangled, blonde hair. If I were a cat I would purr right now. Purring, yes, yes, yes.

"It's amusing how you always cuddle me before you wake up in the mornings. And cute."

I attempt to roll my eyes without smiling but fail. To show Zeus that I do not cuddle him every morning, which I honestly do but won't admit, I push away from his tempting body and kick the comforter off. 

Zeus laughs yet again and pulls me back against his chest. "I never said I didn't like it, Aurora," mumbles Zeus between pecking my shoulder and neck. "Dream about me?" He asks seconds later, smiling against the skin.

My inhale sharpens right as my body warms and tingles all over. Dear God, my mind at night needs a filter. I remember my dream with vivid detail. The Christmas tree was completely decorated, the fireplace was lit, and no one was in the pack house. Only me and Zeus—alone. We were lying on a certain bear rug in front of the fireplace. Naked and sweating and moaning and grabbing and—

"You're so evil." I squeeze my thighs together to relieve the ache between my thighs.

Our sexual tension seems to grow stronger every passing day, and I wonder when the tension will finally snap. We're mates for crying out loud! Caitlyn and Ryder can barely keep it in their pants, so how come Zeus and I have been celibate this long?

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