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 Weekends? Weekdays? Morning, afternoon, night? Let me know! :) -May

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Authentic, gold candle sticks cover every empty space in the dining room. The flickering candle lights bounce off the candlesticks, which creates an elegant ambiance for the presence of myself, Zeus, and the pack members.

Walking to my seat with Zeus by my side, I scan the familiar and unknown faces of the members whom will eat dinner here for the night. Smiling, I remember some faces (but not their names) until a young woman who cuddles a baby in her arms glances up at me and grins.

I gasp in surprise and exclaim, "Maddie!"

My body stops walking towards my seat, and I turn on my heel and rush around the large, dining room table until I reach Maddie, the young woman who takes care of her younger brother, John, because her parents died.

An excited squeal escapes my lips as I bend down and hug Maddie, but being careful of John sleeping. Maddie's scent, which smells like flowers and sunshine, hits my nose, and I give her a tight squeeze before letting her go.

I'm happy to see the lines of stress that were once around Maddie's eyes have faded. She looks to happier, lighter. "Luna, it's good to see you again." Maddie grins and grabs my hand for a tight squeeze.

Tightly wrapped in a light blue blanket like a burrito, John wiggles his body left and right while still asleep until he gets comfortable in his sister's hold. The last time I saw John was a month ago. Since then, his body has filled out more (making him to be a chubby three month old) and blonde hair covers the top of his larger head.

"It's great seeing you again, too, Maddie. John has grown so much already!" Without stopping myself, I reach over for John and tenderly rub his head, starting from his forehead and up to his scalp. John wiggles (again) but a smile appears on his chubby face as he sleeps.

Giggling, Maddie lovingly looks down at John and says, "Like a weed. I can't believe he'll be walking in a couple of months."


"He's a pup. John develops faster than a human boy." Zeus answers over our bond.

My question must have tripled over the bond without me thinking about it. That's never happened. Every time I wish to link with Zeus, part of me focuses on Zeus only. But this time linking with Zeus was extremely easy—like second nature.

The rest of the pack members patiently wait for Maddie and me to finish talking before diner can start. I glance over the members, smiling sheepishly.

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