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I check my outfit to make sure nothing is out of place. I finally decided on what to wear, and I chose a black dress that has a plunging neck line with nude heels with a height that won't make me twist my ankle. I only chose this outfit when I noticed Zeus picking a black tie from his drawer and a white button up from the closet.

So, we're dressing up, I think.

Zeus walks up to me from behind, and I stare at the two people in the mirror. The man is handsome, wearing black slacks and dress shoes, a white button up, and a slick, black tie. I can tell by the shining jaw line that the man just shaved, and my fingers twitch to touch the skin that I know will be smooth. His hair looks to have been combed through and carefully styled for the special occasion. Then the woman is dressed in a black dress, her blonde hair woven into a braid, skin glowing, and a smile gracing her light tanned face.

"You ready?" Zeus asks, looking over my shoulder at the mirror to adjust his tie.

I turn and reach for the blasted tie that Zeus can't seem to fix. His hands drop to his sides. Smiling, I pull at the tie, reach for the knot, and adjust it perfectly for Zeus.

"Now I am." I state, glancing at his blue eyes.

Zeus chuckles. "Thank you, Aurora."

My heels click-clack on the wooden floors of the mansion. I'm putting on my winter coat as Zeus opens the front door for me. I assume we're walking to wherever we're going, but I am surprised when Zeus places his hand on my lower back and leads me to the parked SUV outside.

Zeus opens the SUV's passenger door for me, and I quickly get inside the vehicle while smiling at the gesture. The SUV starts once Zeus gets inside, and I find myself adjusting the temperature so the heat will be on. My body shivers and my teeth chatter from the cold temperature as night time gets closer and closer and the temperature drops.

"Tell me," I breathe out, placing my bare hands in front of the vent and waiting for the warmth. "where are we going?"

I sigh in relief when the air slowly turns warm. "Patience, Aurora, you'll know soon." Zeus mocks.

Rolling my eyes, I think about all the times I've been surprised. Many birthdays planned by my mother had been surprise parties, which I hated since surprises are not my cup of tea. It's just not knowing where I'm going that irritates me and causes me to only think about what I don't know.

"I hate surprises." I comment, looking over at Zeus as he drives on a back rode through the pack's forest.

Grinning, Zeus glances me. "But you'll love it; I know you will." He replies, not losing his positive, hopeful attitude. I make a sound of agreement but it's everything but agreement.

The drive to wherever we're going isn't long at all as the back rode ends at an old, double-lane road. I turn around in my seat to see the entrance to our pack is barely noticeable by the coverage of pine trees and think bushes.

Zeus drives down the lane for a few minutes, and our conversation doesn't change at all. I give out date suggestions—like the movies, a play, bingo. Zeus denies them all, and my suggestions become wilder each passing second.

"We're going on a private jet that'll fly us to Bora Bora for a romantic weekend." I state, trying to the stop a smile from appearing.

Zeus chuckles and says, "No," his baritone voice lighter from his laughter. My stomach flutters at the look of happiness that shines in his blue eyes, and my cheeks flame because I know I'm the cause of his happiness.

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