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"It's too early in the morning, Caitlyn." I groan out, covering my eyes from the bedroom lights and the sunlight.

Caitlyn ignores my protests and continues to jump on my bed. I didn't get any sleep last night, so I'm irritable as hell and want to go back to sleep. If I can't do that—and from Caitlyn's persistence it's probably true—I need a cup of coffee as soon as possible.

"Damn it, fine." I announce. I rip the heavy blankets off of me and get out of bed.

Caitlyn watches me with an amused look on her face. I can feel her heavy gaze on me as I walk from my bathroom—to use the toilet, wash my hands, brush my hair and teeth— and to my closet—to pick some kind of outfit .

I pick out a red knit sweater, gray sweat pants, and wool socks. "Why the hell are you in such a happy mood?" I grit out once I have changed into my outfit. I head over to the end of my bed to put on my boots.

"Oh, you know the usual. I got laid last night from Ryder, and it was really, really good. I mean he does this thing with his fingers that makes me—"

"No! Stop making my ears bleed!" I yell out, purposely interrupting her so I don't hear all the details. And I know Caitlyn would tell me if I allowed her.

Caitlyn giggles. "You need to get laid, Aurora. Have a guy in mind?"

I roll my eyes at how ridiculous she sounds, but my mind flashes to Zeus and what sex with him would be like. My mind goes crazy at imagining positions and where we could—

No, that would never happen, I think. Caitlyn smirks and pats my head.

"See, I already have you thinking about him." She states.

Caitlyn struts out of my bedroom, and I rush after her to tell her a piece of my mind. Even though she did get me to think of Zeus just not being a know-it-all, that doesn't mean she's right. Though, she technically is.

"I don't understand why you're acting like this." I say.

We're walking down the staircase, but Caitlyn stops and turns around to look at me. She gives me a look of disbelief before it changes to something neutral.

"You're mates and there's no action between you guys. It's depressing, really, because the tension can choke anyone who's around." Caitlyn continues down the stairs.

"So what?" I exclaim. "We just have sex and everything will be better for everyone? Does anyone consider the possibility that I may not ever like him or what to have sex with him?"

Caitlyn laughs a boisterous laugh. Head thrown back and eyes closed. "Oh, Aurora, you can never hide from fate. It will always find you. That's something you should consider."

I roll my eyes at how cliché that just sounded. Caitlyn continues to walk without waiting up for me. She swings open the front door and walks down the porch steps. The snow from yesterday hasn't melted an inch and it comes to almost the bottom of my knees. Caitlyn bends down and lifts an arm full of snow into her arms before throwing it in the air. She laughs and encourages me to do the same.

I follow her same movements, and together, we throw snow into the gray skies and allow it to gracefully land in our hair and on our clothes. Caitlyn gets the bright idea of making a snow man. When she says this, I'm reminded that Thanksgiving is around the corner. My heart sinks at the thought of my family.

"C'mon, Aurora! Stop being a lazy ass and help a girl out!" Caitlyn yells as she tries to make the bottom part of the snowman.

A grin grows on my face at how naturally beautiful my best friend looks at the moment. Her cheeks are a rosy pink from the harsh temperature; snow is in her dirty blonde hair, and her complete look of happiness (with the hint of annoyance because of me) shows that she's having a fun time.

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