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Clad in my winter coat, snow boots, and gloves, Caitlyn and I walk to the neutral zone where all the shops, cafes, and restaurants are located. There isn't a single gust of wind, making the somewhat longish walk bearable for me. It's cold (like always here in Colorado) but not so cold that I feel my fingertips wanting to fall off.

Once Caitlyn found the "emergency card", she stuffed it in her jean's back pocket and told me we should start heading over to shop.

But walking through the village reminded me that, now as Luna, my pack needs to be encouraged and fixed. No children were playing outside, and no neighbors were laughing or talking with each other. The children are probably at school, and the adults are probably training until they're tired out.

When we arrive at the neutral zone, Caitlyn and I lazily walk down both sides of the zone, looking at the store and what they sell. Most of the stores are simple ones, not having that big of a selection to buy from. But here-and-there, there are stores that are extravagantly expensive by the items being sold.

Caitlyn points to a little boutique and asks if we should start there. I agree and open the door for my best friend.

The clothing boutique we're in sells dresses for teenage girls and young women. One dress—a laced white one—reminded me of Mallory. Where is Mallory, I think. I'll have to ask Rebecca, or Zeus, when I get back to the mansion.

I imagine Mallory's size. Hm, maybe 5'3'', slim shoulders and waist, small sized breasts. I search for a small, and lucky for me there's only one small left. Smiling, because I found one Christmas present, I wait for Caitlyn to finish her shopping. She comes up empty handed but hands me the card so I can pay for Mallory's dress.

Caitlyn and I then end up in a jewelry store that smells as if a bottle of Channel perfume was spilt all over the carpet before we entered.

We walk around, denying the help of workers since we're just looking—for now. Caitlyn, of course, deters to the engagement rings, sighing and awing at the sparkling diamond rings. I chuckle and look at the rings, too, but deep down know I'm fine with the emerald ring Zeus gave me.

Beside the engagement rings are the necklaces. I move over there, and my eyes immediately catch on to a pearl necklace. Rebecca wearing that same necklace pops into my mind. I just know she'll love wearing the necklace with her dresses. I grind my teeth at the price tag.

"May I help you, Luna?"

I jump, not noticing one of the jewelry workers has moved beside me. He gestures to the pearl necklace; I shake my head.

"No, sorry. I was only looking."

The man grins and pushes open a swigging gate to be on the other side of the display. He bends down to unlock the case's door while ignoring my protests. He takes out the pearl necklace, grinning and nodding his head.

"Very beautiful, was made maybe—oh, let's see—around the 1900's? Of course, we've been taking great care of our older, more delicate jewelry. You would look absolutely gorgeous wearing this piece."

I nod my head and say, "I agree; it is a lovely necklace. But I wouldn't buy it for myself."

"Ah," The man says. "well, if it's for a friend, then I'll give you a discount, Luna."

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