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IT HAS BEEN AN HOT MINUTE, DARLINGS! I apologize for the wait, but I saw everyone of y'all's comments and questions on the last chapter. I felt guilty because there wasn't a new chapter, but I have some serious writer's block ATM. . . Trying to get back in the swing of things is hard. I have work, school, and personal responsibilities that come before Wattpad. I hope this summer will be different (I say this EVERY summer. . . -_-) but this summer, too, will be busy AF. But either way, enjoy the EXTRA LONG CHAPTER (close to nine pages).

Question: Your summer plans? (I'm saving money for driving school and a week long trip with my older sister.) -May

The bath's bubbles dissipated and the once hot water has cooled to a chilling temperature by the time Zeus reaches half-way of his great, great, great, great grandfather's (named William) journal. My brain can't stop soaking up this new information.

The first ten years, William and Jonathan struggled to get the pack on its feet. They had to make ties with humans for natural resources—plumbing and electricity—and for medical purposes. I never imagined humans had a part of a werewolf's culture, but turns out humans had a major part since the beginning. Some humans helped William and Jonathan with medicine, food, and clothing, and William and Jonathan repaid by fresh game meat or bear skins.

As Zeus read William's journal, I got a vibe of sadness from William. William wrote many times about searching for a mate but never finding her, which my heart ached for William.

                I never thought waiting for my mate could be so painful. I awake in the night with her name on the tip of my tongue and my nose filled with her honey scent. Seeing my Beta and his mate causes the hole in my heart to ache as I see them hold hands at the dinner table. At night, I imagine my mate sitting to my left during dinner and holding my hand with a strong, but gentle grip.

"Zeus, William sounds so sad," I mumbled, tears filled my eyes and I looked up at my mate with new eyes.

This was the pain Zeus felt as he waited—waited for me. Reading the description of William's pain made me feel pain, too. Zeus' hand on my naked thigh tightened and he tenderly kissed my shoulder, his lips warm and the light lick he gave made a shiver run down my side.

"I know, baby," Zeus whispered. "Let me keep reading."

The fifteenth anniversary for the Golden Stone pack was filled with happiness, chocolate, and a new dining room table for the pack house. William invited the entire pack, which back then was around twenty members, to eat at the new table, and Rachel served her member's fresh, deer stew.

As the anniversary night came to end, William caught a faint scent of honey, like the one from his dreams. He wrote in his elegant penmanship that his world seemed to click when his mate walked into the dining room with an excited and confident smile on her face. William described his mate to have the darkest hair, the lightest skin, and the brightest green eyes he ever saw.

I smiled, happy William found his mate, who was one of Rachel's cousins. Zeus closes William's journal, and I squirm in Zeus' lap.

"But there's still more!" I exclaim, wanting to learn about the history of my pack.

Setting the journal on the bathroom floor, Zeus smiles down at me, his blue eyes brightening, and caresses my check with his dry hand. "We've been in the tub for too long, Aurora. Let's change and see where the day takes us."

I grudgingly comply and step out of the tub dripping wet and scrunched like a raisin. My cheeks warm when Zeus hands me a white towel because his naked body looks delicious. Maybe we can in the bedroom all day, I think, and a naughty smile appears on my face, but I decide to wrap the towel around chest and tuck in the corner.

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