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The Entrance To The Bridge by I_Am_Mrs_Cashton
The Entrance To The Bridgeby One, Two, Three, Tobias, Five...
The Greek Gods have done something, MADE something incredible. Welcome into the world of Amnesia. Her best friend is named Embrosia. Step into Amnesia's story and her wo...
  • hades
  • dionysus
  • greek
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Zeus [Book One] - Rewriting by pixelkth
Zeus [Book One] - Rewritingby jordan
a/n: I will begin to edit 'Zeus' at some point, but updates will be slow as I am a student in my final year of university. I hope you'll enjoy the rework. [Book One] W...
  • love
  • athena
  • iris
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Lexi's Undoing {Book 1} by neverfakeit
Lexi's Undoing {Book 1}by Morgan Rider
After years of boarding school and chaperoned dances, Lexi Maxwell is ready to detour from the perfect path her parents set her on, and she plans to do it on her eightee...
  • firstlove
  • romance
  • fantasy
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What if Percy really knew who he was before he arrived at Camp Half-blood? Percy Jackson was adopted by Aurelius the golden (OC) Second eldest Son of Kronos, forgotten b...
  • poseidon
  • percyjackson
  • hades
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Prince  of Olympus by Hogwarts_Alumni16
Prince of Olympusby Mischief managed
Percy life was turned upside down when his mom was killed by Gabe and had to leave his old life that he knew to a life with strange people who says That they are his fam...
  • bxb
  • mentions-child
  • abuse
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Poseidon by nobody-yet-somebody
Poseidonby Ilsa-Beth
* * * Rough, hard hands, now soft, caressed my back, pulling me close. His fresh, musky scent entered my nostrils, calming the hiccups assulting my body. "Sh, Lys...
  • zeus
  • romance
  • greek
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Percy Jackson - Back from Tartarus by save_me_im_fine
Percy Jackson - Back from Tartarusby bloodsweatandtears
Our hero, once known as Percy Jackson, was thrown into Tartarus for a crime he didn't commit. During his time there, which was twenty earth years and two hundred Tartaru...
  • zeus
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
  • hades
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Betrayed [ PERCY JACKSON FANFIC ] by JordiiJordan
Betrayed [ PERCY JACKSON FANFIC ]by Jordan
After being accused of being a spy for Kronos and his army, the Olmpians sentenced Percy to Tartarus for enternal torture. Little did the Gods know that they have turne...
  • kronos
  • fanfiction
  • olympians
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Nick Fury's Son by YoungandChildish
Nick Fury's Sonby JackFrost
After the war, everything ended well. but that only lasted for about 2 weeks. Hazel died. Frank died. Nico died. Will died. Leo died. Reyna died. everyone except for Tha...
  • avengers
  • annabethchase
  • percyjackson
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Pure Olympian (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction) by ZoeAlder
Pure Olympian (Percy Jackson Fan F...by Zoë Alder
Elektra Aria is the only living daughter of Zeus. She's powerful, independent, and almost completely alone in the world. So what happens when Apollo falls for her? Will...
  • zeus
  • loving
  • jackson
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My Mate is A Rogue (Completed) by Luna_Resie
My Mate is A Rogue (Completed)by ❀Aphrodite❀
2nd Book of Unwanted Series Jacob Vansrod is the Alpha of Black Wolf Pack. He was ruthless and never did show any mercy to his enemy. Being the most powerful Alpha in th...
  • jacob
  • auntie
  • alpha
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Patroclea by EliasAlsakir
Patrocleaby Elías Alsakir
Después de siglos, el oculto oficio del antiguo amigo de Aquiles, sale a la luz en esta historia llena de acción, violencia y mitología griega que aún se escribe. Aquí e...
  • patroclo
  • lucifer
  • demonios
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Watching Over Paris by annewman
Watching Over Parisby Anglesea Newman
The late daughter of Zeus and a mortal woman, Airlea, is the most beautiful girl in all of Mount Olympus. Airlea is also the guardian of the mortals. She would lie on...
  • goddess
  • mortal
  • love
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If the Gods Were Trying by AquamarineUnicorn
If the Gods Were Tryingby Ms. DramaQueen
Alaina never wanted her best friend to die in a car accident. She also never wanted to be sent to a boarding school because she "blew up the school". All these...
  • greekgods
  • zeus
  • boardingschool
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Beyond Death by fairytaleluster
Beyond Deathby Fairy Tale Luster
Persephone is sworn never to tell anyone of Demeter's dirty secret, but things for Demeter fall apart when Persephone decides she's had enough of her mother's tyranny. T...
  • zeus
  • mythology
  • ancient
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Darkness Has to have Light by xXPaladinOfVoltronXx
Darkness Has to have Lightby Paladin of the Black Lion
"YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LOSING AN OLDER SISTER!!!!" -. . . yelled at . . . as . . .shooting another arrow and getting another bullsey. We all know Nico...
  • pinetree
  • death
  • hades
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Trust No One by WillowSummers2004
Trust No Oneby Willow
The Rose family has always been the picture of abnormality. Jazmine and Owen are both Demi-gods, born from the Greek myths themselves. These children have the combined m...
  • hades
  • family
  • powers
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my new life with the cullens by MisfitPrincessa
my new life with the cullensby Misfit
have u ever wondered what it would be like to live with the Cullen's. Well two sister and there best friend get to experience it.. Rosalie and Annabelle get along great...
  • sweet
  • angels
  • realm
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The Forbidden Child (Percy Jackson FanFic) by NikkyHarris
The Forbidden Child (Percy Jackson...by Nikky
What happens when a goddess who is not allowed to have a child gets cursed too? Will another war break out or will the child of Hera prove to be a help to the gods? // I...
  • jason
  • zeus
  • percyjackson
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