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Sorry, short chapter, but I think the ending of this chapter is a safe spot to cut short. Christmas is coming up, and I wonder what Zeus will get for Aurora. . . ;) ;) ;) Maybe a little more than a kiss under the mistletoe; or something black and lacy? ;) LOL! Enjoy the chapter, friends! -May

What is happening, I question. Thoughts that aren't mine pound into my mind, causing me to close my eyes and rub my temples. Luna, we're so happy. We have waited so long. She's beautiful.

Those are not my thoughts. Statement after statement, question after question hits me—not giving me a moment of silence. I struggle to open my eyes, but I manage. Pack members are still standing where they were, and Zeus watches me with a calm expression.

I ask him what's happening to me, and he tells me it's this pack-link. A link where I can converse with any of my pack members through my mind. I have to put up a block to stop them from entering my mind.

You can do it. This won't always happen. It will be easy, soon.

Somehow, my pack member's thoughts and the encouragement in their voices actually helps me. Zeus verbally tells me, over the swirling thoughts, that the block is practically like putting up a mental shield and I have to push against said shield.

I squeeze my eyes shut, praying that the shield I'm struggling to imagine will work. I imagine a thick, gray concrete wall falls between me and my pack members. Their thoughts hit the wall, shaking and cracking the gray concrete. But my hands push against it, and my body shifts forward to push all my weight against my wall.

Then there's silence. Perfect, peaceful silence. I gasp from surprise and my eyes flutter open. The pack members smile, but the best smile I see is Zeus'. I smile back at him.

"Like a true Luna," Zeus huskily compliments. "Now it's time to meet everyone."


I'm lying side-by-side with Zeus, staring up at the white ceiling above me. I don't look at Zeus, but I know he's staring at me with his stupid, arrogant smile that makes me what to straddle his waist and kiss his warm lips. God, I need to get a hold of myself, I think.

I huff and say, "I can't believe you and your mother didn't warn me." I lose the "no talking contest" (the one I made just myself) and turn my head to look at him.

"You didn't need to know everything, Aurora. Because then you would had overthought the whole ceremony, worried out of your mind before, during, and after." Zeus scoots closer to me and wraps his arm around my waist.

"I guess you're right—" I dramatically sigh.

Throwing his head back, Zeus laughs a hearty laugh while tightening his hold on my waist. I roll my eyes and stare back at the ceiling. Zeus shortly stops laughing.

"You know I'm right—that's why you're pouting." Zeus flicks my pouted lower lip, only to justify his annoying statement.

I ignore him, and instead reach for the lamp that's on my nightstand. The bedroom becomes completely dark. I turn my body and snuggle into the bed to get comfortable before falling asleep. I ignore the heavy arm that's wrapped around my waist.

You looked delicious in that dress, Zeus says from the link.

My eyes snap open. "Zeus! Stop!"

I'm not tired now. And I mean, how can I be tired after a statement like that rings inside my head, causing my body to flame into a heated fire?

"You're so bad. You know that?" I state as I turn on my side so my body faces Zeus.

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