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Here's how I imagine what Zeus looks like in wolf form! -May

Coldness creeps into my bones as I stare up at the starry sky. My eyes search for the Orion constellation, but the slight throbbing pain in my back keeps me from locating the constellation. I try to remember why I jumped out of the bedroom window, then I remember my plan of escape.

Everything crashes down. The landing on snow and the chilling roar. All of this happened in a matter of seconds.

My hands sink into the snow as I begin to stand. I have to get out of here, I think. I'm now standing and with each hurried step, it seems as if my boot covered feet sink deeper into the snow. The snow reaches a few inches above my knees.

I keep on looking over my shoulder, praying that no one is following me. I finally reach the edge of the woods without seeing anybody coming after me. It's night time, and the forest doesn't look as appealing as it was when I first thought of the plan, but I need to keep on going. I need to escape.

The snow isn't high inside the forest, but it still is a struggle to rush in. Sweat builds up at the nape of my neck and the valley of my breasts. I can't exactly see where I'm going because of how dark it is. The moon isn't out, which means I don't even have a natural light source to follow.

For a few moments, I push through the snow in complete silence, but then a painful hollow makes my body pause. I didn't think about the problem of wild animals. An image of a wolf biting my leg pops into my mind.

Other hollows follow after the first painful one. They sound almost as if they're a few feet behind me. I panic and start to push faster through the snow. The hollowing doesn't stop. It repeats and repeats, getting louder with each step I take.

But suddenly they all stop. I'm almost to the same clearing where I found the people fighting and met Zeus. Right when I step into the clearing, a deep growl sounds behind me. I spin around and fall on my ass from seeing orange eyes. I'm about to scream when the animal snarls its glistening teeth.

"Back away!" I scream.

All I can see is its orange eyes and sharp teeth. It's too dark in the forest for me to see anything. The crunch of snow tells me it has taken a step towards me. My body shakes from fear because I know I have failed.

I wasn't able to escape.

My eyes squeeze shut so tight that I see stars because I can feel the animal's hot breath blowing on my face. With my heart pounding loudly in my ears, I'm not able to hear anything. A whimper escapes me when it's wet snout touches cheek. It then rests its heavy head on my shoulder- a sign of submission.

I don't trust this animal's submission because it can always turn its back on me. I instead try to scoot away slowly, but it growls deeply. My body freezes, yet again. The animal moves away from resting its head on my shoulder.

The sound of snow crunching makes me look up. Surrounding me is even more eyes, but there isn't another pair of orange ones. No, I mostly see blue and silver. A light shines from the back and it becomes brighter as it gets closer.


Caitlyn, I think. The light shines in front of me, and I see the animal that found me first. It's a pure black wolf. The wolf growls when the light is shined in its eyes.

"Aurora, everything is okay. I promise."

I look up, and Caitlyn is slightly shining the flashlight at me. I squint my eyes to reduce the brightness. I happen to look back at the wolf, but who is beside Caitlyn makes me gasp loudly. Zeus is watching me while standing as bare as he was when he was born. I cover my eyes so I don't have to see that.

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