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15K?!?!? Y'all are fucking awesome! Thank you so much for reading, voting, and commenting. This chapter is on the short side, but I hope you still enjoy it just as much. Commenting makes my day (literally) so please do IT. Also, photo of the lovely pack doctor, Josephine. She's from Outlander. (Any Outlander fans around?) -May

I'm slowly pulled away from a peaceful sleep. The kind of peaceful sleep where you don't dream about anything, but you dream about everything. The kind of dream where everything is calm, quiet, and dark, but deep down you know the peace is about to end the moment you crack open your eyes.

I do so, opening my eyes and waiting for my vision to focus. When I'm able to see, I take in the cracked, concrete ceiling above me. One, two, three cracks. From what? An earthquake, or is the building deteriorating?

I try to move my head to see what's around me, but a sharp pain builds at the nape of my neck and shoots down my spine, causing me to hiss at the uncomfortable pain. It's not a blinding pain but one that'll make me not move my head again.

I use my other senses to try to figure out where the hell I am. I can move my hands and feel rough, course fabric and a solid but soft mound. A blanket and bed? I inhale deeply and catch the scent of rain and lavender. That doesn't help at all. I then try to listen, and I faintly hear the rustling of footsteps, the murmurs of talking, and the crackling of. . . firewood?

My mind spins in a panic. Is there a fire? I force myself to move my head, but the same pain shoots down my spine, worse than before, and causes me to grunt in discomfort. I'm about to yell the only name that pops into my mind when there's the sound of creaking then heavy footsteps.

Zeus' head pops into my line of sight, and a relieved sigh escapes my dry, parted lips. He bends down and gently touches my cheeks. His dark brows are furrowed and a crease forms between them. I gingerly lift my hand and rubs the line away with the pad of my thumb.

"You have to stop scaring the fuck out of me, Aurora." Zeus mumbles. He bends down and pecks my nose. The thought then hits me. There isn't a single mocking sentence inside my head. A terrified sob escapes my lips and tears fall down.

I'm safe, I'm safe, I'm safe. Hot, heavy tears run down my cheeks and neck as the realization of Scar Guy not being in my head hits me. Zeus immediately begins comforting me by kissing each tear away. He lifts me to sit in his lap, being cautious about my head, and I snuggle into the crook of his warm neck.

"Sh, I know, I know."

"I-I was scared!" I blurt out.

"It'll never happen again. I promise." This statement dries up my tears.

Realizing I've stopped crying, Zeus gently grabs my head and moves me so I can see his face. "I don't know why this is happening, but it will end, Aurora. No one messes with my Luna, and the future of my pack without paying for it." Zeus demands.

My body sinks into a relaxed state, but I wonder deep down how Zeus will find this man. I wonder how long Scar Guy was on our territory without the patrol knowing last time. I wonder how he was able to be inside my head, mocking and warning me.

"How?" I ask.

"I'll do everything I need to do. Double patrol hours, patrol the borders myself, keep you on lock down." I shoot him a lethal glare that makes Zeus chuckle and the smallest of smiles appears on his handsome face. "I was joking," He states. I sharpen my glare, knowing he wasn't. "sort of." He finishes.

A grin grows on my face and I then ask, "What happened?" An angry, dark cloud falls on Zeus and he growls, his blue eyes flashes bright orange. "You'll find out soon. Josephine and Medea will explain everything."

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