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I don't dare open my eyes. I mean, I'd be bathed in a bucket of embarrassment if do so. I struggle to keep my breathing in a slow, even pace. The reason why is because Zeus's hand is up my shirt and resting between my naked breasts.

Breathe in, breathe out.

With my eyes still closed, I notice my left leg loosely wrapped around his waist, my right between his own legs, and my hands resting on his chest. I then feel a breeze softly blow across my neck. Zeus has his face nuzzled in the crook of my neck and my head is lying on his extended arm. We're literally wrapped around each other.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I can't move because I know everything between us will jump back to square one. It's not like we have made tons of improvement, but the tiny improvement will slip into the wind like ashes from a bonfire if I move an inch.

This is the worst situation to be in! Maybe I'll just wait for him to wake up, remove his hand; and I'll act like I'm asleep the whole time so we don't have any confrontations. But I'm pretty sure I have been waiting for him to wake up for the thirty minutes. Waiting is not my specialty.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Shit, what if it's close to breakfast and Mallory plans to come inside my room to wake me up? But she won't see me sleeping by myself like she usually does. She'll see Zeus in my bed with his hand up my shirt. Shit, shit, shit!

I ignore the tingles Zeus is creating all along my body. I ignore how the best tingles come from his leg between my own legs, and I definitely ignore his morning wood pressing against stomach.

One of Zeus's fingers twitch right on my heart. I keep myself from groaning in embarrassment since I know he's awake like me, too.

"You're horrible at fake sleeping."

Dear God, I have gone to heaven, I think. If I thought Zeus's voice was nice during the day, then I was wrong. I completely prefer scratchy, husky, and tired Zeus voice. I open my eyes and expect Zeus to remove his hand and jump off my bed. He instead nuzzles his face farther into my neck, pressing his nose on my neck and his lips almost brush against the skin.

"Oh, shut the hell up."

Zeus chuckles and finally removes his hand. I don't know what I would have done if he was groping my breast. I would probably have jumped him. Lips on his and hands in his hair. What has gotten in to me? I seem to be able to breathe better now, but it's still a struggle.

Zeus moves away from me and sits up, resting against the wooden head board. He doesn't smile or laugh but places his hands behind his head. My eyes drop down to his sculpted chest and torso. Zeus has an eight pack and a V line and nice pecs.

"You could put a shirt on, you know." I announce, finally looking back up at his face. He knows I was just checking him out, and I surprisingly don't blush. Zeus runs his hand through his dark hair. "I could; but I won't."

I roll my eyes in disbelief. I grab the comforter and pull it up to my chin as I just watch him. Zeus's blue eyes lock on the grip of the blanket.

"You also hog the blankets the whole night."

I kick his skin with my foot. Zeus doesn't flinch at all and I know that was a hard kick. "It's my bed." I reply. Zeus gives me a look that makes me furrow my eyebrows together. It's an I-know-something-that-you-don't-know look.

I'm about to ask him what but Zeus interrupts. "Do you feel better?" He asks.

I go back to my crying session. I can almost feel the same pain again if I think about it too much. Zeus was right. Everything caught up to me during the mating ceremony. Arguing didn't suffice anymore, and I guess the only plausible solution was having a panic attack and crying my heart out.

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