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Ryder keeps his eyes locked on Caitlyn, but she isn't looking at him. No, she's keeping her eyes locked on me.

"When we crashed after the circus, Ryder and Zeus were the two guys who saved us. I was unconscious for many minutes," Caitlyn glances at Ryder, her cheeks tinted a slight pink shade. "but Ryder bit me, helping my healing process to quicken."

My eye brows are furrowed together, and I look at the crook of Caitlyn's neck and sure enough see a faint bite mark. I remember waking up the second time and wondering what happened to her neck.

"I freaked out because his bite woke me up, and he then quickly explained everything. And I mean everything, Aurora. Supernatural beings are real. Mostly all of them. Some are fake, being built off of mystical sailor stories and dreams. I didn't believe them, but Zeus changed as a way to show me."

I look at Ryder. "Why did he change? We wouldn't be in this mess if you called the cops after saving us and left." I ask Ryder because he most likely knows the reason why.

Caitlyn places her hand over Ryder's hand before he speaks. "Caitlyn is my mate; the thought of losing her is unbearable."

Mates, I think. As in friends? Caitlyn must already know what I'm assuming.

"Not friends, Aurora. More like soul mates." She tells.

I give them a deadpan look, "There's no such thing as soul mates."

When I say this, Ryder looks at Caitlyn, giving her an 'I told this would happen' look. In response, Caitlyn bites her lower lip while turning to look back at me. Looking at Ryder and Caitlyn, I know they believe in this soul mates thing.

"You have to believe us, Aurora." Caitlyn then desperately tells me. She looks at me desperately but there's something else in her eyes- hope.

"How can you know?"

"You just know when you first meet them. Only lucky people get the chance to have a soul mate." Ryder says, looking fondly at Caitlyn.

"Continue then." I mumble, trying to fit all this small, but crazy, information into my brain.

"Most supernatural creatures have some form of a soul mate," Great, there's more. "Soul mates are to balance out the curse put upon supernatural creatures. With werewolves, our sense of smell, touch, sight, hearing, and strength become sharper whenever we first change, find out mate, and come into power. The wolves from our pack are either born or bitten, but mostly born." Ryder says.

"Not every wolf is equally strong. It depends on your ranking, and your ranking can always change. You've heard of the term omega, correct?" Ryder asks. I nod my head. "Most wolves in our pack are omegas. Some are stronger than others though.

"Omegas who are born from parents who are wolves usually change through the ages of five and ten. They go to school like any normal pup, but once they hit sixteen they finish school and begin training."

"Training for what?" I interrupt.

"Any threat to our pack. After reaching a certain level, they have the choice of protecting our land on specific time blocks or getting human jobs. The same goes to a Beta, which is a higher ranking above Omegas. I am a Beta.

"Betas go through the same learning and training process of an Omega. But a Beta's job is different and more important than any Omega. Betas are supposed to protect and support their Alphas. Alphas are the strongest in any pack. You can become an Alpha if you can kill the one in ruling, but most wolves are too afraid of their Alpha because of the great strength and power they hold. That is Zeus.

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