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Holy crap, friends! We're almost at 25,000 reads, and we hit 1k votes?!?!? THANK YOU SO MUCH! All the voting, commenting, and adding Zeus to your reading list is so exciting for me! XD I'm almost done with my sophomore year of high school, so updates might appear more frequently during the summer. (Key word: MIGHT) I am also working, which may shorten my writing time, but we'll see! Enjoy the chapter. -May.

Breakfast was made by Rebecca, and she fixed steaming hot oatmeal for everyone. Chocolate chips, bananas, honey, cinnamon, blue berries, and more were put into small bowls in the center of the dining room table to be eaten with the oatmeal.

It was a small breakfast, but extremely good with chocolate chips, bananas, and a squirt of honey.

Right when breakfast was finished, Zeus and Ryder went to Zeus' office before training started for the morning and afternoon. I was tempted to follow them, but I decided to wait and allow Zeus to talk to Ryder about whatever he needs to.

I help Rebecca clean all the empty bowls and store containers of food inside the pantry. I smile at the sharp organization the pantry is in—all from Rebecca.

Once I'm done putting away all the cleaned bowls and spoons back in their correct places, I dry my damp hands on my denim jeans. I then tell Rebecca that I need to talk to Zeus, and in response, Rebecca smiles and opens a notebook while nodding her head.

Walking up the stairs, I try to remember everything I have wanted to talk to Zeus about. There's the houses, the Luna Ceremony, and Scar Guy—I think.  Seconds later, I'm facing the intimidating humongous door of Zeus' office door.

I ball my hand into a fist and knock on the door. "Come in, Aurora." I hear Zeus say from inside. I'm about to open the door when someone stands beside me. I look over at a beaming Caitlyn, and an eyebrow lifts in confusion. Caitlyn gestures to the door while bouncing on her bare feet.

I roll my eyes, turn the door knob, and push the door open. Stepping inside, I take in the beautiful office again, falling in love with collection of books, the map tapestry, and the large fire place. The wood from the fire place cracks and sparks flame up. The sounds of the cracking fire are peaceful.

I then realize Zeus and Ryder are waiting for me to say why I'm here. Ryder is leaning against Zeus' desk while Zeus sits in his office chair, his arms crossed over chest, making his muscles deliciously tense. I walk to the plush chair in front of the desk and sit down, crossing my legs and folding my hands on my bent knee.

A grin grows on my face when I notice Zeus' blue eyes quickly glance at my legs before snapping back to my eyes. Caitlyn sits down beside me.

"I have a few questions." I announce.

Ryder sighs and rubs his nose in frustration. "Training will be starting soon, Aurora. You can't wait?"

I sharpen my gaze at Zeus' Beta. "No, Ryder, unless you'd want me to interrupt like I have in the past." Ryder rolls his eyes dramatically buts zips his mouth closed. I look to Zeus to know if I'm able to ask my questions now. He gives me short nod.

"Perfect. I want to know what'll be done with the pack's houses. While getting ready this morning, the thought came upon me that the winter season will only be becoming worse—more snow, ice, and snow—and that could be a great threat to the children or anyone for the matter."

Ryder's gaze on me changes into something I can't decipher and his head cocks to the side as if he was in his wolf form. I keep myself giggling.

"What else?" Zeus simply asks.

"The man, have you heard anything this morning?" I question.

Ryder and Zeus shake their heads, and my shoulders sink in disappointment but I clear my throat to continue. "And then the Luna Ceremony," Caitlyn, sitting beside me, perks up and changes her position to be completely facing me. "I'm ready; I know I am."

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