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I catch up with Zeus's fast-pace walking. I only arrived at training right when it was ending. Zeus had all the men and women huddled together, making some kind of speech I couldn't exactly hear with my human hearing. Everyone heard me, though.

It didn't help when I accidentally stepped on a twig. The crack grabbed all the wolf's attention.

"I remembered something you told me." I breath out, slightly panting at how fast this walking is. It's more of a walk for him and a jog for me.

Zeus doesn't look at me as he says, "What is that, Aurora?"

Damn it, I'm tired of catching up to him, I think. I grab his large forearm and dip my nails into his tan, muscular skin. Trying to physical pull him to a stop doesn't work since he's so strong, but Zeus gets the point that I want him to stop for a moment by the digging of my nails.

I keep my hand holding his arm so he won't go anywhere.

"Last night before the mating ceremony, you said there's this hunt after the ceremony the whole pack does. You stayed with me last night instead of going to the hunt like you were supposed to, Zeus." I look up at his blue eyes with my eyebrows furrowed. "Why?"

Zeus looks down at my hand that holds his arm. I realize how his skin makes my palm burn, so I immediately let go and hope he doesn't ignore me and walk away. Zeus doesn't walk away. He instead looks at me without a hint of emotion showing on his handsome face.

"You're my mate, Aurora. I could physically and emotionally feel your pain from our bond. I couldn't leave you all night knowing how you were. My wolf wouldn't have allowed it, either."

My stomach drops. "What about all the other times before last night? Could you feel how frustrated I was at being kept in that damn mansion without knowing what's going on?"

Zeus doesn't say anything but gives me a single nod. "How come you did something now instead of then?" I ask.

I become impatient as I wait for Zeus's answer. He stares me for too long, scanning his eyes over my face more than once. Like a child, I stomp my boot in the snow and cross my arms over my chest.

"Seriously, Zeus? Is it that hard to answer the damn question? You always—"

"Some things change," He interrupts.

I then watch him turn on his heel and stomp away from me in the forest. If this was a cartoon, then steam would be blowing out my ears. He can't just leave like that!

"Zeus!" I yell.

He's walking faster than last time, and I have to run to catch up with him. I groan in frustration.

"Stop being so fucking hot and cold! I'm tired of it!"

Deep down, I hoped to see him stop in his tracks and walk back to me, but I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. Zeus walks out of the forest and in the direction of the mansion; I run after him.

"Listen to me, you ass-sniffing-pup! What hell was that supposed to mean?"

That must have gotten his attention—the name calling. Since knowing Zeus, I have never been afraid or intimidated by him. But as he turns on his heel, eyes no longer their normal blue but orange, my eyes widen in fear from the look of anger he has. His body is as tense as a rubber band being pulled, and my body flinches when he's less than a foot away from me. Because all rubber bands snap at some point.

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