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PRAISE THE LORD, MY WIFI IS BACK! This chapter has been on my laptop for the entire week, and I have been wanting to post it so, so much. Enjoy the new chapter, darlings. Oh, and also, comment how old you are because I am curious. . . -May

Josephine, the pack doctor, enters the room I have been assigned in her clinical, pulling a metal cart that squeaks as the tiny wheels continually rotate. My eyes zero in on the cart's item: a needle and string, some kind of ointment, a disinfectant liquid, gauze, and a syringe. My heart pounds faster as my eyes stay locked on the large syringe needle.

"I'll do this fast so you can start healing as quickly as possible," is the first thing Josephine says to me after noticing my widened eyes and smelling my nerves rolling off my body from her sensitive nose.

Squirming in the uncomfortable bed, I fold my hands together and nod my head in a way that'll let Josephine know I agree with her.

Josephine smiles a breathtaking smile and begins to prepare herself for the job she'll have to do to fix my wounds. The cuts on my neck are a throbbing in a pain that I've been trying to ignore ever since Ryder clawed me, but at some points, the pain becomes too much and I have to hiss in pain and remind myself the pain will soon be gone.

Josephine walks over to the small sink beside my bed and roughly washes her hands before shoving on a pair of latex gloves. "I'm going to remove the cloth and clean up those cuts since I can already see some blood through the cloth." She tells me, walking back to his cart.

To keep my mind off of Josephine's task, I watch Josephine the whole time she removes the cloth and gently wipes around the cuts. Josephine is a beautiful woman. With her long, red hair, pale complexion, and light blue (maybe green?) eyes, Josephine has an elegant beauty like the woman from the Elizabethan Age. I wonder if she has a mate, I think.

The pressure on my wounds goes away, and Josephine places the bloody cloth on the metal cart. "Do you want Zeus to be here as I suture the cuts?" I'm surprised by her question, which causes me to stare at her in confusion.

I go back the last time I saw Zeus. He went up to Ryder and Caitlyn, said something to them, and the couple stood and followed behind Zeus somewhere in the clinic, or even somewhere outside. Remembering the fear in Caitlyn's eyes causes a shiver to run down my spine.

Caitlyn respects Zeus--her Alpha. Ever since we were saved from the car accident, she has had this unbreakable respect, obedience to Zeus. At times when I was thrown over Zeus' shoulder, screaming and hitting and being walked back to the pack house, she wouldn't help me but would stand and watch. I wonder how she respected him so quickly, I think.

I shake my head to get my mind to stop racing so fast. "No, I'll be fine," I answer to Josephine.

I also decline Josephine's request of the numbing ointment she got from one of her witch friends. Deep down inside me, I want to feel the pain of the needle looping through my skin as many time as Josephine deems so. Because the guilt of the fight between Zeus and Ryder was partly my fault.

Maybe if I approached my topics in a different manner, then Ryder wouldn't have gotten angry. Or maybe I should have talked to Zeus first, alone, before telling everyone else. Guilt eats away at me. I can continue to play the guessing game, but it all comes down to the fact that I shouldn't have called for the meeting at all.

Josephine clears her throat, interrupting my guilt-ridden thoughts. "I am going to stitch you back up with what's called the running suture. It's a suture that won't cause a lot of scarring and won't take very long to do." Josephine explains as she carefully tilts my chin upwards.

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