Author's Note

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I have some news.

This past weekend, hurricane Matthew didn't hit my home state but it did do a number on my area. Because of that, I haven't had power for almost 48 hours until Monday night. During the weekend, I was able to complete the next chapter and start on the next one until my laptop died. With the power being back, and my laptop fully charged, I have been writing more and more since I randomly have free time at the moment (I don't know how, though??). But guess what?


Which means I can't upload the next chapter. :(

Whenever my internet comes back, there will immediately be a chapter. I can promise you that. To keep y'all wolf-loving people at ease, I suggest you read The Bite by ZeroWineThirty . I haven't read a good werewolf book in a LONG TIME, until now. It's phenomenal!

Enjoy your week! -May :)

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