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Short chapter, but at least I posted! My laptop is all fixed (thank God!) and hopefully nothing else will happen with school coming around the corner. Enjoy the photo above. It's pretty adorable. -May


I ignore the piece of smoking hotness that's lying in the bed and resting against the headboard. He has his hands placed behind his head, making his triceps bulge to a delicious size, and his eyes follow my every move as I put clothing after clothing into the gray duffle bag Rebecca gave me.

An, somewhat, aggravated huff escapes me, and I put my folded jeans right beside my folded pajama shirts before asking, "Are you going to sit there and wait for me to pack your own shit, too?"

In response, one of Zeus' thick, dark brows flick up in a pure amusement. I roll my eyes and push a blonde strand out my face. I'm almost done packing my bag for the weekend and Zeus hasn't even started his packing. I hope to leave in a couple of minutes—with, or without Zeus.

I stuff the last of my clothing—underwear, bras, and a plum dress—into my duffel bag and zip it closed. I lift my head, waiting to see what Zeus has planned.

"Well?" I question as he stares at me with his blue eyes.

Zeus removes his hands from behind his head and slowly sits up, and slowly stands. He walks to the end of our bed (where I was packing my bag) and grabs my chin and tilts my head slightly back. I immediately know what's next.

And when Zeus kisses me, my body melts, my lips part, and electric shocks jolt from my mouth to all other parts of my body, leaving me in an achingly blissful feeling. I would continue kissing Zeus and wrap my arms around his neck, pull him down on our bed, and straddle his waist; but I remember that we need to leave.

I pull back, leaving Zeus in a dazed-like look. He dips down to kiss me again, but I wiggle my way out of his arms right before he kisses me again. And goodness would I kiss him again and again if I could.

"You need to pack," I pant out while giving ourselves some much needed space.

Now three steps away from my mate, I internally smile at what stands before me. Zeus, with sleep tousled dark locks and a naked chest, glares at me like a child who had his candy stolen. I stand my ground with my arms crossed over my chest.

"Fine," Zeus complies, eyes rolling heavenward. "We'll leave in ten minutes."

Excitement bubbles in my stomach when Zeus heads inside the closet to gather his belongings for our weekend trip. Knowing Caitlyn's Christmas gift and my parents are only hours away causes a smile so wide to stay on my face.

Grabbing my duffel bag by its handles, I walk out the bedroom and down the stairs to say a quick goodbye to Rebecca, Caitlyn, and Ryder. Everyone, except Zeus, only knows that Zeus and I are going on a weekend trip.

While we're gone, Ryder and Caitlyn will step up for any of the pack's needs and decisions. Everything should stay the way it is, but if anything bad happens, at least Ryder and Caitlyn will be able to handle it.

Ryder and Caitlyn are heading up the stairs while I'm walking down. "We'll be back Sunday night." I state. Caitlyn nods her head and Ryder mumbles a "Be safe." I grin and continue to walk down the stairs. Looking over my shoulder, I see Caitlyn glance at me and wink. I snort in disbelief and roll my eyes in amusement.


"You have horrible taste in music," Zeus grumbles, sneering his nose but still paying attention to the road we're driving on.

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