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It's late at night—maybe past midnight—and I can't fall asleep. Ever since I've been here, I haven't been getting the best sleep like I usually would back home. The only time I fully slept was when Zeus was with me, but that was probably because of all the crying I did before hand.

Although my bed is the best bed I have ever slept in, the size this late at night creates a lonely feeling. I stare at the ceiling above me, wishing I could just fall asleep.

I have tried everything. From counting sheep and sneaking in a warm glass of milk inside my bedroom. They haven't worked, and I'm almost at the point of screaming from frustration.

Sighing, I flip my pillow over so I can lie down on the cold side. I pull the comforter blanket up to my chest and snuggle closer to my pillow. Closing my eyes, my body relaxes and the silence of my bedroom makes my ears ring. Slowly, I smell a familiar smell that makes my body hot and shiver at the same time.

My eyes snap open and connect to the vacant pillow beside me.

It's the pillow Zeus slept on.

Don't you dare do it, Aurora. Just turn around, close your eyes, and ignore the pillow that smells like Zeus. Of course, I lift my arm from underneath my pillow and pull the Zeus' pillow close to my chest. I then embarrassingly cuddle my face closer to his pillow and inhale the piercing scent. He smells like the forest and warm spices—a combination that makes my body relax but somehow tense at the same time.

Seconds pass. Minutes pass. I begin to feel my body slowly, gently fall asleep. Then I'm awakened by the creaking of my bedroom door opening. I snap up in bed to glare at the intruder who ruined my chance at falling asleep, but my gaze softens when I see Zeus standing in my bedroom doorway.

The hallway lights create a glow behind his tall, muscular form that makes me gulp.

"What are you doing awake? It's late." I state.

Zeus takes a step inside my bedroom and close the door behind him. "I can ask you the same thing." He roughly responds.

Rolling my eyes, I sink back down to the comfortable mattress and watch Zeus as he walks in the direction of my bed. Without saying a word, Zeus climbs onto the empty spot beside me, having his gaze connected with mine the whole time.

My heart pounds faster when he pulls the pillow that has now become his from my arms. Zeus moves the pillow to be behind his head; and once he's comfortable, he wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me to his chest.

For a short moment, my body is apprehensive, but it slowly begins to relax against his. I adjust my head on Zeus' chest and inhale his scent right after. A brief smile grows on my face as I feel my body falling back asleep.

I drift off with the feeling of Zeus rubbing small, light patterns on the section of my bare lower back.


Zeus was gone by the time I woke up in the late morning. But the section he slept on was still warm, so he must had left minutes before I woke up. I get ready in a pair of light skinny jeans, a white tank top, and good pair of fuzzy socks for the day.

When I arrived down stairs in the dining room, everyone was already eating without me. I sat down in my usual seat beside Zeus and dumped a spoonful of fruit and eggs on my china plate. I began to eat my light breakfast, listening to the conversations around me.

"What do you have planned today, Rebecca?" Ryder asks across from me.

Rebecca smiles and daintly wipes around her mouth with her napkin before answering. I furrow my eyebrows, wondering what will happen today.

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