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A few days later, I'm entering the living room when a cloud of tension hits me. Caitlyn and Ryder sit beside each other whispering but stop when I enter. Caitlyn straightens her posture and tries to give a nonchalant smile my way but fails because I can read her like an open book.

"What is it?" I ask.

Caitlyn glances at Ryder with worried, blue eyes. Ryder shakes his head in disbelief. "Go ahead, Caitlyn. I can't stop you anyway." Caitlyn finally looks back at me.

"I was wondering if you'd ask Zeus if I could start training like all the other pack members do?"

Why would Caitlyn be worried? Why would Ryder be trying to stop her? I stand many feet away from them, my eyebrows furrowed together in slight confusion. And why isn't Caitlyn asking Zeus herself?

"I guess?" I answer with caution.

Caitlyn lights up like a Christmas tree; Ryder pouts like a child. Caitlyn then begins to ask me if I would do it now before training for the day really starts up. I allow her to push me out of the mansion. My coat and boats are shoved into my arms, and the front door is then slammed into my dazed face.

"What the hell?" I ask myself out loud.

I start the process of walking to the training grounds after putting on my coat and boots. I'm still wondering why Caitlyn won't ask Zeus. Maybe she's nervous or doesn't want to be rejected? I don't understand why that could be the case since she has supposedly adjusted well to being a wolf.

The morning of Caitlyn's shift, Caitlyn didn't come downstairs at all until half-way during dinner. Zeus told me Caitlyn was adjusting to all the sounds and smells from the mansion. Caitlyn now has hyper-sensitive senses.

On the second day, she was her normal-self. Nothing out of the ordinary until she wanted to run, which she did with Ryder later that night.

Now it's the third day, and I'm requested to ask Zeus if Caitlyn could be in the training.

Today in Colorado is a cold one. I'm starting to dislike the snow, wind, and more snow. But that won't be changing any time soon since December is right around the corner, literally.

After walking through the last of the trees, I greeted this morning by pack members training while practically naked. Kicks and air punches are thrown, partners block the kick and duck from the punch. It's all like a dance routine. I find Zeus over the crowd of trainees.

Zeus watches his pack members with a scrutinizing glare, but his gaze softens and he looks at me once the wind blows and he must be able to smell my scent. Trying not to be sucker-punched, I carefully walk in the direction of Zeus. Some pack members greet me with a smile before continuing their training while others actually say hello.

"So, I have a question," is the first thing I say.

Zeus takes his gaze away from his pack members to give me his full attention. He lifts a full black eyebrow is question, probably wondering what I have to ask him.

"When do you not have a question, Aurora?"

Ignoring his playful jab at me, I immediately ask him if Caitlyn could start training this morning, or sometime soon. Zeus doesn't say anything and only looks at me.

"No," He then answers.

My jaw drops in surprise. And why the hell not, I think. Caitlyn is now a wolf like everyone else in the pack—besides me. So shouldn't she be able to participate like everyone else? What are a Beta mate's priorities in a pack anyway?

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