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Long chapter ahead! Tell me what y'all think. Personally, I think the chapter is a tad bit choppy, but I'll try to fix it sometime soon. :) And sorry about the wait; work is kicking my ass. -May

Rebecca cracks open a book before glancing at me with an excited smile. I can't stop the flutter of butterflies in my stomach. I'll admit that I'm excited about my Luna Ceremony, but I'm also extremely nervous.

"First off, tell me when you want the ceremony to take place. Tomorrow? Next week?" Rebecca asks while removing her pen that is behind her ear.

"Not tomorrow," I immediately answer. "Maybe in two or three days? To give the members a chance to prepare, even though I don't know if they have to prepare at all."

Rebecca scribbles something down in her book. "Okay, two days from now." She states out loud, but mostly to herself. "Now I need your measurements."

I lift an eyebrow in confusion. Measurements, I question. "What do you mean?"

Rebecca places her pen inside the book. "A dress is passed down to each Luna in our pack. And I'm sure you don't want to my dear old dress to hang on you like a bed sheet, right?"

"Of course." I answer, nodding my head in agreement.

So, I tell Rebecca all my measurements. From the size of my breasts to the width of my waist. Our conversation is easy, and I find myself growing more and more excited by the time we're done talking about my Luna Ceremony.

Once we're done, Rebecca leaves me in the living room so she can start working on my dress. I head upstairs to finally start the process of cleaning the bedroom and bathroom. As I make piles for my light clothes and Zeus' dark clothes, I daydream about my ceremony, wondering what will happen in two days.


Two days later, and the news of my Luna Ceremony is all over the territory.

The Luna Ceremony seems to be the main topic of conversation for every pack member. During dinners I'm asked how excited I am. When passing through the village, I'm told how lucky I am to be mated to Zeus. And as I watch the training, members tell me that they're thankful to have me as their future Luna.

At night, as I confine to Zeus in our bed about everything all members have saying, Zeus reassures me that members in any pack are like this. Excited, curious. When there's a new Luna, it's part of a fresh start for the pack. And this pack needs a fresh start from the rough winter they're having.

I was told after my Luna Ceremony that I can start working on my first, official project as Luna. And I'm already thinking of ideas to bring the pack closer and make the pack better. Some of the ideas, I know Zeus won't agree with, but he'll have to get over it because I know they'll help.

The time is eight, and Caitlyn enters my bedroom with a bright smile on her face. I smile back.

Caitlyn wanted to do my make-up for the night, which I am perfectly fine with. Rebecca will be bringing in my dress soon, and I'm becoming impatient, wanting to know what the dress will look like and how it'll feel on my body.

I sit on the edge of the bathtub inside my bathroom, my eyes closed as Caitlyn puts eye product upon more eye product onto my eyelids and into my crease. It's relaxing, really, having someone do your make-up for you.

"You're going to look amazing, Aurora." Caitlyn mumbles since she's concentrated on my eyeliner.

I smile faintly, and butterflies nervously flutter in my stomach. All the way from the bathroom, I hear the bedroom door creak open. Seconds later, I practically feel another person's presence inside the bathroom. I can't open my eyes since my eyeliner is being done and Caitlyn would have a fit if she messed up.

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