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Two days later, and everyone is walking on egg shells. Wait, I should clarify who everyone is. It's the wolves. They have all become irritable, snappy, and hungry. I have never seen so much food for a simple breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Rebecca has been cooking up a storm for everyone, and I haven't heard a thank you at all.

I wish I could say something, but it's not my place to do that. Now thinking about it, have I ever been the one to sit back and watch everything unfold before me?

It's a few hours after lunch, and I'm sitting on a bar stool, watching Rebecca cut sandwiches into small servings. I offered to help but she waved me off, saying I need to sit and she'll handle it. I hear the front door slam close and heavy boots rushing in the direction of the kitchen. My back is facing the entrance, so I turn around to see who's in a hurry.

Zeus is in front of a large group of males. Hungry males, if I may add. Ryder stands behind Zeus's right side and a man I have never met is on Zeus's left. Behind the three people triangle is waiting males, completely silent but staring straight at me.

It's probably because my wet hair is twisted into a messy bun. But I know that's not it. I'm dressed in a blue button down shirt I discovered in the closet and gray shorts—the kind that end a few inches below my butt cheeks. Oh, great, I think.

Chuckling, Rebecca moves to stand right beside me. She's holding the tray of sandwiches, smiling smugly, and announces to the guys to eat up because tonight will be long. They all snap out of their staring and rush over to Rebecca, hands greedy and mouths drooling—not literally, I'm being over-dramatic.

One guy, maybe a year younger than me, glances at my crossed legs as he grabs four mini sandwiches. I'm about to snap at him, but Zeus beats me to it. Zeus growls and stands between me and guy. I roll my eyes in disbelief, but my heart skips a beat at the fact that Zeus is showing he cares. Kind of in a wolf-like, protective way.

Zeus's shoulders tense beneath his white tee shirt. "She is your Luna. That means you show respect and not ogle her like a teenage—" I hear Zeus grit out.

"Zeus, I believe that is enough." Rebecca sweetly states.

It was already silent when the guy got caught staring but now it dead silent from Rebecca's sweet—but not so sweet—statement. The men, that I can see, snap their attention to Zeus, waiting to see how he'll react to his own mother.

From what I have gathered about Alphas is that they don't like being told what to do by any one. I imagine Zeus grinding his teeth in annoyance at this exact moment. I imagine his blue eyes flashing orange but flashing back to blue and staying that beautiful, striking color.

"Yes, ma'am." His voice has dropped, being dark and deep. There's a pregnant pause but Zeus speaks again but not to his mother. "Training will start again in five."

I then watch Zeus turn to leave the kitchen. I catch him looking over his shoulder as he does, glancing at me and then his gaze dropping to my legs. My body instantly flames.


I'm a mess. My life is a mess. I'm going to ruin everything.

I'm not the best at keeping a clean room, but magically my bedroom stays clean. I'm assuming someone cleans it and I feel bad for that person if they would come inside right now. Clothes from the closet is thrown onto my bedroom floor. I can't find anything to wear to this mating ceremony.

What does a Luna wear to a mating ceremony? A human Luna, if we're being specific. I don't stay warm all the time like Zeus does, so I have to bundle up to fight against the Colorado winter night. This is a special occasion, which means I can't wear jeans and a hoodie. A dress would make legs turn into popsicles, and a nice shirt wouldn't keep my breasts from freezing off.

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