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Will Grant as Zeus! -May

I only feel confusion. Who does he think he is, telling- forcing my friend to keep me inside a house? There has to be a reason behind all of this. When I imagined this guy 'Zeus', I imagined him being old, not some man who has a nice body and striking eyes.

I turn back around to face Zeus, giving him a sharp glare.

"Do you think this is some kind of game?" I snap angrily. "Capture two women and lock them inside your damn house! This is ridiculous! You don't look like the kind of person to capture someone, but you do look like a person to be completely stupid and out of your mind."

Zeus's emotionless façade cracks when the corner of his lip twitches in annoyance. He then clenches his fists. I cock my hip to the side, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, I'm sorry, am I annoying you?

I notice how cold it really is outside when he doesn't respond. Goosebumps cover my arms and my teeth chatter when I don't talk. I open my mouth, ready to sass at him again, but he beats me to it.

"Take her back to the pack house, Ryder. We need to keep on training."

Zeus glances at me and turns around to the barely clothed people. They stare at him with widened eyes, being shocked for some reason.

"Now!" He yells. His body tensing.

I flinch, but not because Ryder places his hands on my forearms. No, I flinch at the power held in Zeus's voice. Suddenly, I'm lifted off the ground and everything turns upside down.

"Put me down!"

I begin to hit his naked back repeatedly as he walks the same way I went through the woods. Caitlyn follows behind and gives me a helpless look. I happen to look past her to see Zeus standing at the edge of the woods, watching me without a hint of emotion or an expression. This annoys me and I start hitting Ryder's back again.

The whole way to the house, I was hitting Ryder's back while yelling at him to put me down. There's no doubt that my face is red from all the yelling and being upside down. Caitlyn doesn't help me out. She only smiles sadly.

Ryder carries me through the house once we get inside. When we pass by the dining room, Rebecca is standing in the entrance way with a knowing smile on her face. I beg her to help me, but she shrugs her shoulders and walks back into the dining room.

I'm them carried up the stairs, to my bedroom, and dropped on my bed. I immediately jump up and rush to the closed door, only to turn the knob and find it's locked somehow.

"Caitlyn won't like you for doing this!" I yell, banging on the wooden door.

I hear Ryder chuckle from the other side. "Don't worry, Aurora. Caitlyn knows what's best."

"What's that then?" I scoff.

"She knows what is best to stay alive, and for you two, it's staying here."

I then hear his footsteps walk away. Feeling weak, I try turning the door knob, hoping I imagined it being locked a few moments ago. The door is still locked.

Tears fill my eyes at how weak and helpless I feel. I hate feeling weak, and I hate crying. I storm into the opened closet and shove the dress shirts out of my way. Opening the hidden door and turning on the lights, I stomp down the many stairs to the storage room.

Everything looks the same as it did last time. The canned foods, blankets, and jugs of water are still on the shelves. I step off the last step and decide to look around more, checking to see if there's something else to find.

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