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There was one time when Caitlyn was severely hurt. We were maybe eight or nine at the time, and we decided to climb a tree after watching some kind of kid's move. Of course, the movie had a girl climbing a tree, and we wanted to reenact the whole thing.

Caitlyn told me to go first, so I pushed my flip flop clad foot into the trunk, gripped the lowest branch above me, and Caitlyn pushed my butt to help me up. It wasn't exactly like the movie but close to it in our minds.

Caitlyn got up the tree like a graceful monkey without my help at all. We climbed about three more branches until Caitlyn did the dumbest thing and glanced down below her. I remember her blue eyes widening in growing fear. I was sitting on a branch above her, calling her name to get her attention.

Hearing me, Caitlyn shook her head and gave me her hand to pull her up with me. I bent down, clasping her hand, and began to pull her up, struggling because of her weight and because my arms were getting tired of the climbing and lifting.

My arms strembled, and Caitlyn connected her eye with me, knowing what was about to happen before I could even imagine it. Seconds later, Caitlyn's hand slipped from mine, and I watched my best friend fall to the grass in horror.

She didn't move, and I began to panic, screaming Mom's name and afraid to go down the tree. Afriad I will fall like Caitlyn. From the height I was at, I could see my mother rush out of the house and glance at the tree. She saw Caitlyn then saw me. Mom ran down the deck to Caitlyn. I kept on calling Caitlyn's name, begging her to stand, praying to God for my best friend to wake up, and holding on to the tree trunk for dear life.

I'm panting when I burst through Caitlyn's bedroom door. My eyes try to find where she's at, and I find Caitlyn and Ryder on a bed. Ryder looks at me with pained eyes, and I look down at Caitlyn, who's lying on the bed gripping the bed sheets with tears running down her cheeks.

I run to the bed and drop to my knees so I'm eye leveled with Caitlyn. "What's happening to her!" I yell at Ryder. My hands push the wet strands of hair off Caitlyn's forehead. When my skin makes contact with hers, Caitlyn skin is hot to the touch—too hot.

Caitlyn groans in pain, and the sound of fabric ripping follows her groan. She's ripping her bed apart! Ryder runs his hands through his hair, glancing at his mate in disbelief.

"It shouldn't be possible. I thought it was a myth." He mumbles.

"She's turning." A deep voice booms behind me.

I whip around. Zeus stands at the doorway with his arms crossed and his eyes hardened. Why is he looking so mean? I demand Zeus to tell me what this turning means.

Zeus shakes his head and calmly walks to the bed. He lifts Caitlyn's hand and gives it a tight squeeze. "We need to take her outside." Zeus only answers. Ryder inhales. "No! She-she—this can't be happening! I was told this was myths my entire life. She might be going into an early heat, Zeus!"

Zeus growls at his Beta. "Stop ignoring the fact that your mate is turning. It isn't heat, and you know that."

I watch the two friends in surprise, but Caitlyn gasping grabs my attention instead. Caitlyn opens her eyes, searching for something until her blue eyes connect with my gray ones.

"Oh, Aurora. It hurts so bad." She whispers.

I try to calm her down by running my hand down her hair in the manner she likes, but I fail when Caitlyn sobs in pain. Caitlyn watches me in obvious fear, and I wish in that moment that I could say or do something to end all the pain she is in.

Zeus drops to his knees beside me and demands Caitlyn to look at him. She follows his demand, her body trembling but eyes attached to his. "Ryder and I are going to take you outside to help you, okay Caitlyn? The turning will hurt, but after that you'll never feel a pain like this again. I promise you."

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