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My 20th birthday was different--life changing. Usually when you turn twenty your friends or family would have a party planned. Your friends most likely planned to sneak into a club and try to buy alcohol drinks, and your family probably only wants you to come over for dinner.

Those things did not happen.

Like any best friend, they have their perks. Time of trouble? They have your back. Need a reality check? They're there. Want someone to talk to? They'll be at your house in ten. My best friend has done all those things (and much more) but for some reason she loves to surprise me when it's not needed.

I thought I was going to the bowling alley and getting a discount on chili cheese fries for my birthday. That option went down the drain when she kept on driving for a good two hours. The worst part about this day is the rain. It kept on, and on, and on, and on. Sometimes it would be a barely-there sprinkle, but then other times it would down pour.

Back to talking about my best friend, she is strange. Already at the age of twenty, Caitlyn loved goofing around and playing pranks on me whenever she got the chance. I should've expected we wouldn't go to the bowling alley, but I was secretly hoping to get a discount on those chili cheese fries.

Caitlyn and I look very much alike. We both have blonde hair, but hers is more of a dirty blonde and mine is a bright blonde. While Caitlyn has light blue eyes, I have light gray eyes. The resemblance doesn't stop there. We both are average height and have the same oval shaped face. Sometimes we get confused as sisters. One time when we were in middle school, we purposely told all our classmates that we were twins and shared a room together. The lie lasted for a few months until my full name was announced over the intercom for a fundraiser.

It was a normal day when I met Caitlyn. We were in elementary school and assigned as partners for P.E. class. Our friendship blossomed as we talked about our favorite shows. Middle school was weird. With our bodies and opinions changing, Caitlyn and I argued a lot more, especially when it was that time of the month- still do to this day. Then high school was eventful. Caitlyn discovered the hotness of boys, and I discovered how much I missed my best friend whenever she ditched me for her dates.

We both didn't go to college because it wasn't something that interested us. I worked as a receptionist at a law firm, and Caitlyn worked as a blogger. Life was simple, enjoyable, and perfect until my 20th birthday.

After driving down an abandoned road with pine trees surrounding Caitlyn's car for two hours, my friend kept on driving until there was a clearing on the left side of the car. Rusty trailers and colorful tents are in the clearing, while cars are parked in what I'm assuming to be the parking lot.

"Please tell me this isn't a cheap circus with the creepy clowns and broken rides." I say, hoping Caitlyn will keep on driving past the circus.

Caitlyn glances at me, lifting a perfectly blonde shaped eyebrow. Her off the shoulder sweater lowers even more down her arm.

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