Final Chapter (40): A Darkness' Strings Attached

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Ravenclaw's PoV

I am no Dawnsinger.

I am no protector of the Traveler.

I am no Raven that flies.

I am the Darkness's experiment.

I am Caleste.

This Dragon is the true evil in her.

I am the evil in her.

Raven and Ravenclaw are two different things, you see.

I will make her become Ravenclaw... by twisting the blade deeper.

Only then I will be ready to prove to our father that I am the strongest among her four daughters.

Silther, Violet, and Widow...

Mocking my strength...

They will all die by her.

I have my strings attached to everyone. And I'm ready to grip the gloves, play the role of the puppeteer, and finally reclaim what is mine. It's not the Raven I am, it's rather the claws I am. Crimson is growing, or reader mine, but there's something I seek that's deeper. For now, this is just the beginning for the Ahamkara I am, oh barer mine...

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