Chapter 21: Legends' Return

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I made it to my father house with no problem. I ran as fast as I could to knock on the door. But before I could, a lady that look like my one and only mother opened the door with a smile.

"I... is it..."

"What?" She said with excitement. "I could sense your activity from a mile a away," she says with a smile.

It was true. She's my mother....

"F- Faith?" I stammer with my whole body shaking.

"Oh that's right!" She says. "You haven't met me! Well, my name is Faith Saber, but since you're my daughter, I guess you have to call me mo-"

Before she could say mom, I lunged at her with my arms wide open for a hug. My eyes were drowning in tears as I told her how much I miss her.

"Hehe, I missed you too," she chuckled.

+ + +

Indigo's POV
"Oh buggah me," I say, pacing back and forth. Felix snickers at me, watching me pace. I stare at him annoyed. "You having a laugh?" I snap. "No no, just that... If Crim is okay about this, then why are you so concerned?" He says calmly. "Are you bloody stupid?!" I snap again. "She walked away upset, and your her admirer!" I cross my arms in stress. "I don't want it to be like this," I say. "I like you, Felix, I really do, but I take you away from our dearest, Crimson."
"How bout we ask her?" He suggests.
"What are you on about?" I ask.
"If it's okay if we're a couple." I sigh in a long, annoyed way, looking down, letting my blue hair hide my eyes.
"Look, if she says yes, then her and I are still close together. But, if she says no, then it'll just be you and me. I don't want to sound like a player, but I liked both of you."
"I knew that, you told me during the fight, remember?" I say.
"Oh yeah, right."

I didn't mean for her to get so upset. I know her just as much she knows herself. If she goes on like this, her mood will be permanent. She'll stay like that and she'll be the lone wolf. And I don't want that.
Right when we left we decided to study for the semester exams. Felix quizzed me in the library. I knew the facts pretty well. Then I quizzed Felix. He didn't know much. Wherever Crimson is, I hope that she has the time to study. She's not the best on... Well, "Studying." Except for that Ahamakara thing that Felix told me about. What got her so interested in a Helldragon.

After studying, we walked down the hallway towards our room. Right when we turned the corner, I saw high heel boots and a Kellhunter's hood cloak walk in our room. Crimson? Felix and I looked at each other and walked faster towards our room. I walked in and saw Crimson, carrying a shader paint bucket on each hand, and placing them down.

"Crimson!" I say. Ran to her. She doesn't look back. Instead, she opens the bucket and pulls out her gauntlets, unequipped, and a small paintbrush.

"Hey," she said in a quiet voice. She pulls a mobile lamp above her, angling it in the right lighting. I turn back at Felix. He shrugs his shoulders with a confused face. I look back to see Crimson, painting the gauntlets.

"So, I was wondering. If you wanted to compete in the Crucible tomorrow?" I ask.
"I think I'll pass," she answers, still without looking at me.
"Are you sure?" I ask. "I heard that Ice Breaker is a possible prize this week." I try to convince her. Honestly, I have no idea what they have for prizes.

"I dont know," she sighs deeply. "I'm not so concerned about it anymore."

"Is it because I dismantled it?" I said.
She finally looks at me, but with a annoyed face.
"Sorry," I say.

She turns the gauntlets over and brushes on that side.

"Right," she replies.

It killed me to see her like this. So serious and eluded.

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