Chapter 13: The Shard

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"Here!" A faint echoing voice. "I found her!" I heard them reviving my Ghost (Me). I felt rising Light fulfill me. Reality has returned to me and I stand on my feet with Felix and Indigo staring at me. "Light stable," Indigo's Ghost said. "Rebalancing Light to Guardian." I had blank slate on my thoughts as Indigo hugged me so I didn't hug or say anything.
When she released me she had a worried look at me. "Crimson?" She asked. I looked at the arm I touched the relic with. "What is it?" She asked.

"Not entirely interesting, but promised," I whispered. "Promise? What promise?" Felix asked. There's only one person who I would know who would say that. And I think I know who, "it" was referring to. "But how does she know?" I questioned. I'm assuming it's a girl. "Crimson," Indigo said, holding me by my shoulders. "What are you talking about?" I hesitated. "Uh, nothing. I need your help." I said, snapping out of thoughts. "Indigo, find out about this relic," I commanded, pointing at it. "Felix, defend the entrance from Hive. I'll defend the other sides.

The door on my side opened up with Hive Knights and Acolytes. I opened fire without difficulty. Felix had his next while indigo and her Ghost try to figure out the relic.

A sudden roar came from the center, causing Felix and I to react. An ogre appeared from the central door. "Let's try the new ability Crim," Felix said.
"You sure?"
"Why not?"
We combined our two Golden Guns into a Golden Sniper. It one shot the ogre and the Hive retreated. "What is this thing?" My Ghost said. "It's a shard of the Traveler!" The darkness effect wore off from the shard. "They were using it against the Traveler. Devouring its Light. But we freed it... And our new friend said there are enemies on Venus worse than this? Great."
"Wait what?" Felix said. I feel like I've been neglecting him so I have the urge to tell him. But I couldn't. I'm really deep into this secret now. "Just another reconnaissance," I said, faking a smile. I could tell that his face wasn't agreeing with it.
When we reach the surface, we left. we flew to the Tower and spoke to the Speaker. He thanked us for our hard work.
After that, I went to my room alone and unpacked my bag full of Helium Filaments and unequipped my gear. My Ghost was focused on triangulate the broken coordinates as I brush my wet hair. "...And I thought the transmission was bad," he said. "Hmm?" I hummed. "The coordinates are difficult to maintain."
"Well you did say that it was in the Ishtar Region."
"Yes, but I have to make sure the numbers are precisely there."
"Let's just go there and see for ourselves."
"I wouldn't advise that," he said as he flew up to me.
"It could just be a trap."
"You're just paranoid." I said, as I apply mascara and eyeliner.
"Oh yeah?" He spoke up. "What about the new enemies?"
"Oh relax," I say, throwing myself on the couch. "We'll be fine."

"Are ever concerned about death?" He asked curiously, staring at me. He stared in front of me in a concerning way. My face pulled back a little. I rub my neck and try to answer as serious as possible. At first I hesitate, then I answer. "No. I'm not."
"Do you ever wonder the risk of death?" He asks. "I'm well aware, and I don't care," I replied. "As long as I'm alive, I'll be fine."

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