Chapter 11: Spark of Light

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It took us hours to find a way out of Temple. But before we left, we found the Baron just in time, we saw the Skiff he was about to aboard, so we took him out before he could escape. Afterwards we left.

     When we arrived to the Tower, Felix was there pacing Impatiently at the Hanger. "Is he waiting for me?" I thought. "Probably," Ghost said. "We were down there for quite a while." He worries too much. I can handle myself.

Upon exiting my ship, Felix ran to me and asked me the same thing he'd ask when he's worried. "Don't be so concerned." I say ahead. He rolls his eyes and walk with me to my room.

"You've been busy quite a lot," he implied. "What have you been doing?" I unequipped my gear and sat on the soft wooden table stand with my legs crossed. "I went to the moon for a bounty. Then I sidetracked to a Hive room with some cool stuff and killed a Hive Prince."

He choked on his words but his hesitation and just gave up. "I have no words," he said. "Let's just go to class." I giggled and followed him to class.

When I took my seat in class, everyone had a bright blue object in front of them. Ikora, the Warlock Vanguard, walked in and explained about today's class. "Today we will be doing something that will determine the way you use your light," she said. "The object in font of you is called a, Spark of Light. It's a very rare item indeed." My Ghost scanned it as a Rare (Blue). If you look around, everyone has one Spark of Light. "You will forge a Unique weapon or armor for your own use. It will be identified as an Exotic."

"What?!" I thought. "Now you may use this whenever you want. You can either use it now, or you can save it for later," Ikora added. "Once you have used it, it will take from 1 to 3 days until your item will be delivered to your room."

I pick it up and stare at its shining glow. "Just this speck of a crystal can forge an Exotic... Amazing." I said. "It is, isn't it?" A girl speaks next to me. "Sorry, but I felt like we both know how it feels to have such creativity with a power like this." She added.
"Tracey, Tracey Scrath." She puts her hand out, waiting for me to shake it.

"Crimson," I reply, "Crimson Solrac." I shook her hand and smiled. "Like I said, sorry for the interruption," she said. I giggle because of how nice she is. "Oh no, you're fine." I exclaimed. "So," she says scratching her pitch black hair. "You want to talk after class?"
"About?" I ask. "I dont know, maybe about each other?" She asks nervously.

I can tell she's quite an introvert, but there's something else I can't put my finger on. Crossed legs, back up and straight, and her head hasn't been tilted yet at all. Maybe she's from the European Zone, well, before it became a dead zone.

Most people like her are from there and they are very formal and self hesitant when facing a non-formal activity. But out of everything that she could be, why a Guardian? I don't see how Guardians can be formal. I'm sure as hell I'm not formal. Weirdly enough, Indigo is not from the European Zone. She was Resurrected in America, and yet she has a British accent.

If the world had to depend on me to save the world by becoming formal, the world would be gone as you know it. But seriously though, I'm not a fancy-pantsy-dancy person. On my high school years I've never been to a dance. Had to reject a couple of guys because of my sense of style. I believe that's how I met Felix.

Back in Junior High, there was a prom. My dad made me go wearing a sparkly black dress and heels. When I got there, I hung out in the corner of the dance floor, hoping no one would notice. Unfortunately having glowing white eyes give it away by a mile, and that's when Felix walked to me. He asked me if I was waiting for a guy. I told him no. Then his cheeks got red a bit and became nervous. I asked him if he was Ok and started to stammer. I started to laugh as well.

I was wondering why he became so nervous when I replied. Since that day I never knew. But I decided to not care over the years. But a the end of the dance, him and I became the best of friends and nothing could ever break us apart.

"Well, I dont know. I kinda have detention with Shaxx," I reply. "Well I'll wait for you." she insists. I've never seen a girl like this. "You sure?" I ask.
"Well yeah, I don't mind." She says.
I just love it when people are desperate, but kind.

After detention, I walk outside to the plaza as the the sun sets over the horizon. I put my hand up to block the sunlight to find Tracey. Suddenly I hear her voice ahead of me. "Hey Crimson!" She exclaims. Then I see her sitting on the top of a tree. I jog towards her as she jumps down.

"Hey," I said. "Why were you up there?"
"Oh, that's a spot that I like to sit when I'm not doing anything." She replied. "Oh really?" I say. "I have a little spot too." I brag. "Really?" She says. "Where?"
I point to the top of the Vault pillars. "Wait, what?!" She says perplexed. "Yeah, have any idea to get up there?" I ask smiling. She shakes her head in confusion. "Wait here," I said. I ran up the side of the Tower's Catwalks and waved at her to acknowledge her.

There's a vent generator that activates and deactivates every hour for an hour. "Time Ghost," I said. "5:59," he says. "30 Seconds before 6." Perfect.

There's also a button up here to override the auto feature from any errors. There's also an overdrive feature which allows it to spin up even faster in case of a error in the system as well. It only lasts 20 seconds, allowing it push me up in the air. But by pressing it won't trigger it unless the auto feature activates the initial machine. It's less complicated than you think.

When it hit 6, I press it and jumped off the railing and towards the building. I heard the whooshing winds push up against my body as I spread my arms like an eagle. The split second I was in the middle of flying up and falling down, I double jumped on the vault. From where I was at, I could tell she was wowed.

This is where I like to chill, sleep, or think. I called it, "Hunters' Nest," Mainly because only me and Felix are the only ones that made it up here. It our, "Personal" spot that we like.

I jumped down and she talked about how amazed she was. The only downside is that Guardians (Specially me) are not allowed to be up there. But I like to take risks. Cayde is cool with it, but Shaxx is who I have to keep watch.
"You know, I've always wanted to go to the Moon," she said. "Have you been there?"
"Yeah," I replied.
"How is it?"
There's not much to talk about the Moon. Really it's just Hive and Fallen... And a glowing green pit called, "The Hellmouth." Always wondered what was down there. Speaking of which its my turn to Patrol the Moon. "Hey so, I have to Patrol the Moon. wanna come with?" I ask. She gasped shortly. "Really?" She gestured. I nodded my head.
We prepared ourselves and docked in the hanger, and flew out. During slip-space, my Ghost alerted me from my mind. "Urgent transmission, incoming, on all channels." He said. "From who?" I asked. I looked at Tracey and can tell that she got it too. "From the Speaker."

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