Chapter 27: Corvoida

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"Well that went better than I thought," I said, walking with Indigo to the postmaster. I pick up my rewards; Special Legendary Engram. I hold the purple glowing, polygonal object on my hand, staring at it.
"You could get Ice Breaker," Indigo says.
"I kinda gave up on that weapon," I said.
"Why?" She asks.
"Because, I know I'm not gonna get it."
I put the engram in my vault.
"Let's just gather everyone for that battle," I say.
"Yeah, let's do that," she said, pulling out her phone. She texted someone and when she finished, my phone vibrated. I pulled it out looking at the message Indigo sent to everyone. It says, To the whole fireteam: Meet at the Bannerfall Tower as soon as you can. Easy enough. After that we went to the Bannerfall Tower and waited for everyone.
"They better hurry up. We have that dance tonight," Indigo says impatiently.
About 10 minutes later, we saw Felix and Carolina from the south wing with Marcus and Violet behind them. I can hear their conversation.
"Listen, all I'm saying is that it'll be better if Hunters attack first," Felix said, debating with Carolina.
"But Hunters aren't fit to withstand heavy fire, Titans are. Which is why Titans should be in the front lines," Carolina replies. Then I see Violet roll her eyes at the conversation, and Marcus is kinda just listening.
"Guys! Over here!" Indigo shouts, waving her hand in the air. When they see us, they walk faster to us. We hop down, meeting them halfway.
"Felix, Carolina, you guys ready?" Indigo asks.
"I'm more than ready," Carolina says unhesitatingly.
"Ready," Felix says simply.
Violet then sits on the bonsai tree, reading a book without saying anything. Then Marcus watches from a safe distance, while me and Carolina stand on one side, and Felix and Indigo stand on the other.
"Everyone ready?!" Marcus shouts.
We all nod.
"Fight!" He shouts once more.

I crouch to go invisible and went around, while Carolina burst fires her auto rifle. As I run around I can tell Felix is expecting me to do this, so I blink out of invisibility and swing at both of them with Arc blade. Indigo dodges by gliding into the air and charging up her fusion rifle. Carolina moves up and resumes fire at Felix. Indigo fires her fusion rifle at me. I swerve left and right and wall climbed to her height and tackled her into a building. I pull out my knife and try to jab her chest, but she blinks out of her position and stands in front of me.
"Guardian down," Nolan said.
"Carolina, really?" I said.
Felix jumps inside the building behind me.
"All surrounded now," Felix smirks.
I grunt at him and turn invisible. I try sneak right past Felix but he grabs me by the arm and throws me back towards Indigo. I slide on the ground. Right when I stop sliding, Indigo slams a Nova bomb on my face, obliterating me into the Void in resurrection mode.
"Winner. Felix and Indigo," Nolan read out loud.
How did they beat me!?

When the match was over, Carolina and I were revived.
"Well that was fun," Indigo commented.
I stared at her pissed with my helmet on.
"Well I have a dance to attend. Cheers love," she waves and walks away. Felix followed her as well. Marcus went with them too.
"Yeah, I gotta go too," said Carolina behind me.
"You have a date too!?" I snap.
"Yes, but I just want the free drinks," she said.
When she leaves too, I throw my helmet out the building doorway in frustration.
"How did they get so good?!" I complain.
"They probably practiced a lot," Nolan suggested.
I growl furiously and storm off to the main Tower.
I'm not letting them become better than me. Usually I always win.
I walk to the Hunter's gym room, where there's Rock climbing, Parkour drills, and an attack speed test. I go to the Attack speed test and set it up.
This is how it works. You stand in the middle of the room so you're in an open area, and these red circle shaped targets spin around you horizontally in a complete ring form. There are two rings, both spinning in opposite directions. One going left, one going right. You use your hands and legs, or blade to hit them. When you hit one, it turns green and make a high pitched beep sound. You're timed for how long it takes you to hit all 20 of them. Fastest Hunter record with Blade is 11.867 Seconds. Fastest for hands and legs is 13.437 Seconds. This Hunter that holds both of these records is faster than a Blink strike. So fast that he can dodge Nova bombs and Fist of Havocs, even by surprise.
I prepare and start the test using hands and legs, or the unarmed test. I hit the first with my fist, side kick the one behind me, swing left with my velocity, and swing my other hand right. When I finish, I check my time. 16.770 Sec.
"Again," I tell the AI.
I try again.
16.981 Sec.
"Again," I repeat.
16.729 Sec.
"Run it Again."
16.790 Sec.
I start to become a bit exhausted, but I don't stop. I push myself to the limits and keep going.
16.990 Sec.
17.002 Sec.
"Crimson, stop!" Nolan demands.
I stop and breathe heavily.
"What?!" I snap.
"What do you have to prove!?"
"That I can be better!" I fall to my knees. "I'm not giving up," I say in a low, more calm voice.
"You're scared," a bold, yet gentle voice said. I look at the door entrance.
Violet? She walks across the empty Hunter gym, as if she was a Hunter.
"You're scared that you won't fare against your team," she said.
"Fears are eluded and are meant to be embraced."
I was dumbfounded by the fact that she was even watching me.
"Why were you watching me?" I asked.
She takes off her helmet, Obsidian Mind, revealing her Awoken face. Her dark purple eyes are beautiful but deceiving. Staring into her eyes is like staring at a darkened Nova bomb. I couldn't stop staring at her eyes. The revolving, purple talon-shaped swirls on the outside of her iris is what makes her eyes amazing. without it, it's just black and dark, like a cursed sorcerer. And her hair is amazingly long, overlapping layers too, mostly purple with a few black stripes. Her hair reaches her hips, like my mother.

I stand up and grab her shoulders. "Don't move," I told her, staring closely at her eyes. She stares back with her eyes wide open, like as if I was crazy.
"What, Are you doing?" She asked.
"Your eyes are so beautiful!" I squeal. I hug her tightly. I wait for a moment and feel her arms around me.
I smile. "I knew you couldn't pass this up," I said.
She sighed. "Perhaps." Then she hummed. "A delicate flower like you cannot be resisted to most people. I don't see much sympathy for many."
I stare at her hair as I hold onto her, brushing her hair with the palm of my hand. "It's so soft," I said.

"You know, you're weird," she said.

Her voice is so gentle and fragile.

"You're my new pillow," I said.

"Your, what?" She questioned.

I sigh happily. "Nothing."

+ + +

Violet and I got along... Sort of, but at least I know her now. She very cryptic on what she says.
"I'm not someone who brags," she says. "But there's no one that outmatch my Void."
I look at her as we walk the halls.
"Really?" I asked.
She puts her hand out with a Nova orb.
"I am bound by the Void of Space and Time."
I chuckle. "Hehe, maybe you should tell that to Indigo. She's also a Voidwalker as well," I said. I would love to see a Nova fight.
When we reach her room door, we say goodnight to each other and left to my room.

I undressed and took a shower.
"Tomorrow, we have to find and kill a Gatelord," said Nolan outside the curtains.
I turn the shower off.
"Towel," I said, reaching only my hand out. Nolan picks it up with his "object stasis" ability. Pretty much like telekinesis.

I grabbed it and dried myself.

"You're right, but let's not rush ourselves too much," I said. I wrap the towel around me to cover my exposed body and stared at the mirror with Nolan next to me.

"Have you ever wondered...out of all the dead people, why me?" I ask so curiously.

He floats slowly in front of me.

"You're having that dream again, huh?" He said.
I close my eyes and sigh. "It's just that... So many lives could've been saved," I said.
"Isabella," he says.
I looked at him innocently.

"There's nothing you could've done."
I look down.

"Why do you wake up everyday?" He asked.

"I dunno," I shrugged.

"Bella," he said slightly annoyed. "I've told you this."

I adjust my tied towel. "For a better tomorrow," I sigh.

He touches my forehead softly. "Look, the more favors you do, the better you're doing for the Tower, the people, and for the Traveler."

I hold him gently on my hands like holding water.

"I know...but in the end, we're here for each other," I said. "Right?"

"Positive," he agreed.

I walked out of the bathroom and slipped into bed with only a tank top and short short pants. No one else was in the dorm so it was quiet.
Where are they anyway?
I opened my phone.
I clicked, Friends' Status.

Indigo Arcane - Tower, Library
Carolina Rain - Patrolling Earth, Old Russia

Wonder what Carolina is doing there. Oh well. I clicked the lamp off and snuggled in bed.
"How do we plan on taking down a Gatelord?" Nolan asked in my head.
"You sound awesome when you talk in my head when it's quiet," I said smiling, tossing and turning myself facing the ceiling.
He sounds so bold and deep, as if you could only hear yourself.
"...But to answer your question, I dont know, just yolo I guess," I said.
"Hm, fine. Well, get some sleep, we have a big day tomorrow," he advised.
"Everyday is a big day," I yawned.

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