Chapter 8: The Lore of Ahamkara

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The next day was my day off, but I wanted to do something on the moon. I equipped my gear and checked in at the bounty tracker at the Plaza. There's only one thing on the moon, and that's the Fallen Exile baron. I was kinda bummed that there was nothing else. I told the Bounty Tracker that I'll take it.

After doing so I was wondering what Indigo was doing. You know, the Warlock girl who was on the Sepiks Prime strike with us? If there's one place you'd find her, it would be in a library.

As I enter the library, I felt chills just because I haven't been here, at all. I scanned the room to find Indigo and then found her. I walked behind her quietly as she was reading. Then I wrap my arms around her and whispered, "Hey stranger!" I felt her jump when I hugged her. "Hey Crim," she replied with a small smirk calmly. She placed her hand on mine and interlocked.

Before you think of anything, her and I are not in love, well, like sisters. She may not sound like it, but she cares for me very much. "What Is it you want?" She asked. I took a seat next to her and talked.

"...Pretty much bored," I say.

"What about Felix?" She suggested

"Nah he's studying for the Exam."

"And so should you," she responded

"Really? Don't you start," I reply, rolling my eyes

Indigo closes her book and puts it in her bag, then she turns back to me. "Look Crim, you're capable of many things, you're a great fighter yourself, but you also need to be a great student as well."

I look down depressed. All I want to do is fight, but I think may need to take a break from fighting and focus on work. "Perhaps you're right," I said. Indigo gets up from her chair and pats my head. "But don't worry, there will be plenty of fighting," she said, and then left.

Before I left the library, I checked out some study books and took them to my room. My sudden urge to go the moon went away and my energy just drained into a calm breeze. When I got there, I sat down and studied all day. While I was studying, I got tired and ending up falling asleep. While I was asleep I had a dream or vision. It was a person, wrapped up in a cloak or something it looked familiar. But I couldn't remember the face.

When I woke up. I had papers stuck to my face and all over the place. I rummage the papers for my phone to check the time. I wonder how long I was out. When I found my phone, I checked the time, it was 6:12. "So early..." I mumbled. After I said that, someone knocked on my door.

When I set foot on the ground, it was so cold that I had to tip toe my way there, but still didn't help. I was shivering on the way as well. When I opened the door it was Felix. When Felix saw me he was surprised at me.

I look at myself and realized that I was wearing nothing but an underwear and a tank top. I gasped silently, covering my mouth and blushed. I didn't know what to do so my retard reflexes took over and shut the door on him. "Eep!" I whimpered. "Why did I do that?!" So I ran to my closet, and put on a pair of short jeans and reopened the door.

"Sorry!" I said. He smirks and replies boldly. "Yeah. Mind if I come in?" The place is a mess with papers and I haven't gotten my day started, but perhaps oh well. "Sure," I said. When we entered, Felix was stumbling on papers all over the place. Eventually we decided to clean the place up and organize.

When that was done, I told him what I've been studying. "...And you learned this all last night?" He said with amazement. When I realized he was amazed, I played it off like it was nothing. "Yeah!" I shouted a little too loud. "And here's the best part. I started learning about this majestic creature called, Ahamkara. It's a dragon born from fire and rage. It fought these warriors called Iron Lords."

Felix was at full silence. And what I was about to tell him was gonna probably kill him. "I want to find it!" I yelled. He drops his head on my table and says, "This is what happens when you do new stuff..."

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