Chapter 10: The Shrine of Oryx

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"That was faster than I expected," I said, carrying Indigo to the clinic. "Oh speak for yourself, little miss scaredy cat!" She exclaims in pain. "Oh don't worry, you really think I liked my rival beating up my friend?"
"Well you don't seem mad," she replied.
"True, that's just because I'm just imagining it happening." After I dropped her off at the clinic, I ran back to class.

When I came back, I see Carolina, Shaxx, and the rest of class stare at me in an unusual way. "I choose her for my next battle!" Carolina boldly said. "Solrac," Shaxx said. "Miss Rain has chosen you to face her."

"Wait, was my name pulled out?" I asked perplexed. "No, Dumbass, the winner chooses who to face next," Carolina insulted. I gave her a dirty look. She walks to her side as I walk to mine. "Ghost," I say in thought. "Equip class set two."
"Wait, are you sure you don't want to use one?" Ghost said.
"No, I'm saving that remember?" I confidently said.

My Ghost equipped my second best armor I had and weapons. I set my sword in my pocket without the blade activated. Without light, the sword nothing but a handle. "Crimson, this is your first fight with your greatest enemy yet, are you sure this is the best course of action?" Ghost ask with concern. "Yes," I replied.

"Ready, set, fight!" Shaxx shouted. I stood there waiting for her move. She charges at me with her storm fist. As I see her charge, I realize how slow her moves are. On a normal civilian's perspective, she seems fast, but on a Hunter's hyper-sense, she is very slow. The moment she even gets close, I duck to dodge and run to her side. Every strike she would throw at me would miss until I realize that I had to let her win. But I couldn't let her ruin my face.

"I forfeit," I say calmly as Carolina's charge suddenly stops. Shaxx walks up to me, "Miss Solrac, since when do you ever surrender to an enemy in any scenario?!"
"I'm sorry, I think that Carolina is too powerful for me," I regretfully say with a smile. Carolina laughs and jokes me right when I said that. When the bell rang, I went walk out until Shaxx stopped me. "Solrac, as a punishment for surrendering a match, you are serving detention everyday for the next week!"

I wasn't mad, I knew the punishment, I just didn't care. But I had to show emotion on the outside while the inside of me didn't care. So now I sat here in this classroom for another hour doing nothing everyday.

When detention was over for today, I went to the bounty tracker and see what was new in the Moon. There's one, Exile baron is planning to attack the Hellmouth. I'll take it.

When I got ready, I took my ship to the Moon and infiltrated the Hellmouth. "I'm detecting Fallen comms," Ghost said. I knew they were close. As we went deeper and deeper, we were detecting more and more Fallen.

When we were deep enough, we found two armies fighting. I joined in and fought all of them. After that I saw an opening with enormous wires going inside. So I ran in trying to locate the Baron. At the end of the wired hallway lead me to some sort of ritual room. And what's interrupting it was Fallen. "Man, these Fallen are just as crazy as we are!" Ghost commented. "Well let's make sure they aren't as crazy as I am," I insisted.

I fight my way through the Hive and Fallen until an Ogre appeared. It's purple blast came out of nowhere. I quickly ran into cover and improvised. I pulled out the Last Word and turned it into a Golden Gun, firing the three shots at it, Burning it into ashes.

When I made it to a dead end, the Baron wasn't here. "Where'd it go?" I ask.
"Oh dear," Ghost said worried.
"What is it?" I asked annoyed.
"Based on how deep we went, the low signal played with my tracker, therefore leading us somewhere else," he said. I look at the giant black and orange sphere in the middle of the room. "So is this what it lead us to?" I wondered.

Suddenly I heard a door open behind me, I looked back saw a huge sized Hive knight; A Hive Prince. "What's the plan?" Ghost whispered. "Well going on a close ranged attack won't work on a Prince like this," I pondered. "I wasn't really asking," Ghost exclaimed. As I was thinking, my attention wasn't on the Hive. "Solrac! Focus!" He yelled. "Shhh!" I said. "I'm thinking."

The Prince was about to strike. And I was still standing and tapping my toe, thinking. "Crimson Isabella Solrac! If you do not move, we'll be as good as dead!" He complained. "And not to mention that we're in the Darkness zone!"

"If you die, I can't revive you!" I was waiting until he was freaked out enough. "Oh! I know!" I said. I pulled out my Golden Gun and shot him in the blink of an eye, right on the verge of his sword touching me. The Prince burned afterwards. "You couldn't do that before your head almost got split!?" He complained again. "Meh, why not?" I say."
"Your instincts, is by far, the most questionable thing that wonders me," he says.

After that, we stared at the giant ball in the room. "Patch me in," Ghost said. "I'll look for it's weakness." I put my hand out and let my Ghost access it. "It's some sort of communication device... Let's just hope we don't get sucked in some transdiemensional vortex."
"That'll be fun," I said.
"No it won't," he replied.
"Yes it will," I argue. He glanced at me with frustration and looked back. I laughed.

"There, destroy it." He said. Fired at it and it started getting brighter and disappeared. "I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it was communing with someone, their God, King. Whatever it was, we disrupted it." I took off my helmet and stretched and yawned. "Ahhh," I sighed. "Welp, that's enough for one adventure. Let's get outta here."

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