Chapter 3: Sepiks Prime

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The first beam was shot from Prime. We split up and created a plan; Felix is on Crowd control. Indigo distracts Prime, while I snipe it from cover. And it was working. I had over 40 shots to the critical spot, Prime was malfunctioning. Then as the final blow, Indigo glided up to Prime and slam dunked a Nova Bomb. Prime was defeated. His pieces fell to the ground, and we celebrated.

When we got back to the Tower, we went to the Post Master to claim our rewards. Our rewards consist of Engrams.

There's Uncommon, something that's green and something you never want to get because it's garbage.

There's Rare, which is blue. It's alright but blue things aren't always good, but if you're lucky, you can get a Legendary.

Which leads to the next Engram, Legendary. You'll be a lucky son of a Bitch if you get one of those purple things.

And best of all, Exotic. You don't get them in Strikes, but a Legendary could give you one.

Felix went first. He got a Rare and an Uncommon. I pointed and laughed at him. He grunted at me and transferred them to the Cryptarch. The Cryparch decodes the Engrams. It gives you armor, or weapons. I was next. I got two sniper Engrams, Legendary. That was exactly what I was aiming for. But two Legendaries!? I'm lucky. There's this Exotic sniper I want, Ice Breaker. A sniper capable of regenerating its own ammo.

I ran to the Cryptarch to decode them. "Still wanting that sniper Solrac?" The Cryptarch said. "you know it Rahool," I replied. "Well don't think today is your day," he said giving me two legendary snipers. My smirk became a frown. "Ugh Damn, I'm never gonna get it," I thought.

I walked towards Indigo and see what she got. She pulls out one Exotic Sniper Engram. That froze my walk and my jaw dropped and my eyes popped. I grasped to my Silver hair and whispered, "No freaking way no freaking way." She walked casually to Rahool and gave him the Engram.

"I swear if she gets what I think she's gonna get, I dont know what I'm gonna do," I said. Rahool turns around and decodes it and turns back around with the Sniper I wanted.

My mouth was wide open, my legs were pointed inward, and my arm were dangling like as if I had no control. She had a small disgusted look and told her ghost to dismantle it. I dropped to my legs and leaned forward and whispered, "Why!?" Seeing that happen was like as if I felt the power in my hands, and let it wash away. Then I started to whimper in grief. Felix sat next to me and petted my hair and said, "It's okay, it's okay..."

After that, Felix walked me to my dorm, while I walked in sadness. When we entered my room, we sat down and had a convo. "...but hey, if I ever get one, you can have it," Felix said. "Yea if your Light was high enough," I insulted. His light was 98, I'm a 102, Indigo is a 112. As the sun disappeared from sight, Felix kissed my forehead and wished a goodnight, and left.

I plant my hands on my table and said,  "Why won't he just ask?" My ghost appeared from my side and replied, "Maybe because he's waiting for you to make a move. Or maybe he doesn't like you." Then I pushed him aggressively to the window, making a clank sound. "Sorry," he said bold but softly.

"I wasn't built to understand human interaction." I looked at him and corrected him by clearing my throat. "Oh sorry, Awoken AND human," he corrected. "It's already been a year and you still can't keep track of my Race," I said. "Welp, another day awaits Miss Solrac. We have a Mission in Waiting from Cayde."

I turned to him curiously, "The Hunter Vanguard? We just did a Strike, what does he want now?" My Ghost made a confused hum. I groaned in stress and dug my nails across my curved hair. Afterwards I showered and threw myself into bed, ready for another hardworking day.

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