Chapter 5: The Speaker

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The Speaker is the one who's in charge of the Traveler. We need to talk to talk to him and see what are we gonna do. When I made it to the place, I walked forward, staring at the Traveler.

By surprise, a voice behind me said, "There was a Time, when we were much more powerful. But that was long ago." I turned back, it was the Speaker. "Until it wakes and finds its voice, I am the one who speaks for the Traveler. You must have no end of questions, Guardian." He walks next to me as I continue to stare at the Traveler as he tells me about the Traveler.

"In its dying breath, the Traveler created the 'Ghosts', to seek out those who can wield it's light, as a weapon. Guardians, to protect us, and do what the Traveler it self no longer can." I was overwhelmed by the curiosity. I wanted to know why the Traveler is here.

"What happened to it?" I asked. The Speaker turns back slowly. "I could tell you the great battle, centuries ago. How the Traveler was crippled. I could tell you the power of the Darkness, it's ancient enemy. They're are many tales told throughout the city to frighten children. Lately, those tales has stopped. Now, the children are frightened anyway."

When I heard that, I couldn't stop thinking about how bad the children's life would be, straying in the shadows.

"The Darkness is coming back. We won't survive it this time," he feared

"It's army surround us, the Fallen are just the beginning," my Ghost added

"What can I do?" I ask the Speaker.

"You must push back the Darkness. Guardians are fight on Earth and beyond. Your Ghost will guide you, I only hope he chose wisely," the Speaker hopes.

Once I Dismissed myself, my Ghost was confident about his actions. "I did, I'm sure of it. We're in this together now," he said.

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