Chapter 18: The Fangs

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"Ho- how?" I stammer.
"I started to realize it the first time you grinned at Carolina." Indigo says. My sudden anger was gone. Instead, confusion was in my environment. I stare at my face. "I knew you would get your revenge, but what the hell is wrong with you? You've never fought with that strength before." She says irritated.

Where did these come from? During the fight, I realized that my attacks became more aggressive. I touch the pointy fangs. "So what am I, a vampire?" I implied. "I doubt it." She replies. "This is... Awesome!" I jumped. Indigo was confused but discouraged. "But Crim. What if this is a bad thing?" She worries. "Oh, don't worry," I said. "I'll be fine!" She didn't look happy though. I know she believes that, but something is troubling her.
"What's wrong?" I ask. She look down, twitling her fingers.
"I-" she wipes a tear off her eye. "I- I just want to make sure you're ok." She walks to me and hugs tightly onto me. I hug back. I love her hugs.

"Don't worry," I said holding on. "I'll be fine." She hums in a low tone of acknowledgement.
"I love you, Crimson." Her voice breaks. She makes me tear up, but I hold it back.
"Awww," I said. "Stop it, you gonna make me cry... But I love you too."

Indigo is emotionally sensitive when it comes to me. She doesn't want me getting hurt, like how Felix is, but she's more caring and sensitive. I go for the same with her. But I believe that she can handle herself. But with her, she has a hard time not seeing me for a while. Now that I think about it, Warlock's seem more emotional and/or caring than others. Even though you can't see it, she cares so much about me. We treat each other like twin sisters.

When our hug separates, our hands are still interlocked. I watch her tears regroup at the bottom of her chin and see the mascara coming off and following the steam of tears. I wipe them off for her. "We should go check on Felix. I left him immediately when I went to go after you."

After leaving the room, Tracey was right outside of us. "Crimson, what was all of that?" She asked. I closed my eyes in thought and hesitated. When I answered, I opened them back up. "I don't precisely know." She didn't seemed sure of it either, but she didn't give much thought about it. I pulled my phone out to check the time. 2:48. I just remembered that I still need to see the Stranger at dawn in Venus. Wonder if the time in Venus is different than in Earth. Probably is.

+ + +

After meeting up with Felix, we returned to Crucible Class with Shaxx, writing on the board. Everyone that I was near, was staring at me with a scared look. I didn't like that. I sit down and wait for Shaxx to start class. "After observing your performance, the Vanguards has chose your fireteam. Alongside with your team room." He said. Was he waiting on me? I look at the list of paired up fireteams. I skim until I see my name.

Room 385:
Indigo Arcane
Crimson Solrac
Carolina Rain

Room 384:
Felix Jolt
Marcus Young
Violet Corvoida

I might as well jump off a cliff while I'm at it...

When class was over, everyone that was paired up had to transfer our belongings from our dorm, to the fireteam dorm. The odd thing is that I never knew that fireteams were enforced. I thought it was by choice. I ran to my dorm and packed my things up. I didn't have a lot. So little, in fact, that my stuff was carried in my backpack. The only thing that wasn't in my bag, was my pillow of course.
I stopped by Indigo's room to see how she was doing. When I walk in I see her swiftly packing books off from almost a dozen shelves all around her dorm. Boxes everywhere filled with books or empty. "I've seen a lot of Warlocks in their element. But I've never seen a Warlock like you that reads this much," I say, leaning on the doorway. She chuckles softly. "Yeah well, I want to be a really really really good Warlock." She seems rather calm about the fact that Carolina is living with us.
"Hey so, you saw who we're with, right?" I asked.
"Yeah," she nods. "Why?"
I feel like she can't tell tension in the air with a Hunter and a Titan. Ironically she can tell any kind of tension of Light. I walk to her full shelf and help her.
"Well gee I dont know, that the fact that the person that hates me, that I just beat up, is going to be living with us," I say in a obvious way. She shrugs her shoulders.
"Really?" I say.
"What?" She asks.
"You don't find this awkward?"
"No, I don't. If you do, it's childish."
I hesitate as she walks to her bedroom, irritated.
"What do you mean?" I follow.
"I mean that, even though she hates you, you still need to work together." She walks pass me with a box of books and organizes them.
"How is this so easy for you?" I ask perplexed.
"It's quite easy," she implies. "It's just matching the category of abilities. Like, the purple books are for Voidwalker, the orange one is for-" I overlap her impatiently. She knew what I meant, she just plays smart ass sometimes.
"That's not what I meant. I mean, if you had someone who hates you, how do you handle it?" She thinks about it and shrugs again with a smirk. "Honestly? Just don't say or do things that makes people even more pissed. Cause then that causes rivalry. I just don't talk to people much."
She's not wrong. She really is anti-social.
"But you piss me off," I imply once more.
She turns back. "But when I do it to you it's funny." My face was hot red. She senses my frustration. I give her a pissed look. She smirks and chuckles.
"Crim, I just messing with you." She says. She walks up to me and hugs me tightly, placing her head on my shoulder.
"Don't be so mad," she whispers to my ear. "You, me, Felix, and everyone else is gonna have fun. Okay? Just need to relax." I sigh deeply. We let go without our hand holding this time and rub my face. "I'm just tired," I say.
I stretch my arms out and yawn. She pets my hair, and I react with a short smile.
"How bout this, let's go see our new room, pick out our room, unpack, and have a nap?" She suggests.
"Sure," I say. "Need help with your stuff?" She looks around the room surrounded by boxes. "Uh, yeah. Think I'm gonna need it," She pitches her voice high.

+ + +

Before we decide to bring as much stuff as we can, we decided to check the room out first. When we entered, the first thing that was in front of us, was absolute beauty. A living room in front with a wide fancy TV. 3 bedrooms with king sized beds and two table lamps (also with tables). A stairway to our left that goes to a somewhat long table, assuming it's the dinning room, above the living room.

Basically you're able to sit on the couch and look up and see who's sitting on the outer 2 chairs in the dinning room. On the edges of it are made of glass but have soft cushions on the top of it so you can lean on it, or rest your arms on it.

The bedrooms were pretty cool too. One twin sized closet, also a walk in type of closet. I dropped my things, except my pillow, and jump onto the bed with it. I sigh with comfort. "So soft!" I exclaimed. Indigo laughs softly.
"C'mon," Indigo places her hand on my ankle.
"We still have to get everything else." I turn my face to her, while my left cheek is still on the pillow.
"I don't wanna." I wine.
She picks me up by my sides and and carries me off the bed with her shoulder. I fist my hands and hit her back like child and a parent.
"No, stop!" I laugh. She puts me down, as I regain my balance. I put my hand on the side of my temple.
"You know, for a Warlock, you're stronger than you look." I say.
"Hmm, maybe you shouldn't underestimate me." She replies chuckling. I chuckle with her.
"Okay, let's go get the rest of the stuff." I say.

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