Chapter 17: C Vs. C

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We circle each other patiently and slowly. Then Carolina strikes with her Stormfist with full force. I Blinked passed her and avoided her Stormfist. She launches another to me. I Blink once more. Then I unleashed the Arc energy from my Light, to my Blade. I swished my Arc glowing blade at her hips. Hit her three times, causing her to stagger. Then I drill my blade at the center of her chest, right above the belly button. I hear her exhaling gasp as my head meets next to hers. I pull the blade out, hearing the Light of a Titan Drain, and slice her neck. She fell on the floor, screaming in pain. Her Light is drained.

Basically when your Light is drained, any damage you take will be extremely painful. Your Light shields you from major harm, but only by so much. Unfortunately, since Carolina doesn't treat her armor and weapons with care, her Light doesn't work well with her. She has a lot of it, more than me actually, but she doesn't know that she needs to treat it like a companion.

When she finally got up, I was looking at the opposite direction. I sensed her charging at me without looking at her. When she was a foot away from me, I used her Arc charging energy and turned it against herself by using her running momentum and deflecting it back the other direction. Very useful when fighting someone with the same element.

I took off my helmet and toss it on the ground. "For a Titan, you're not very strong at defense or offense." I insulted, walking towards her as she is kneed down facing the other direction. "You should probably give up. It's a shame that your trash talk is not as good as your fighting."

Suddenly she back slaps me with her sharp gloves, making my face spin the other way. The crowd ohs as I kneel down, watching the blood drip from my cheek. "For a bitch like you, you're terrible." She comes back, taking off her helmet. I brush the cuts on my cheek with my hand and looked at the blood on it. She laughs at me. I narrow my eyes as they glow brighter

I sense her Stormfist once more. Right hand. As she makes near contact I screamed as I grabbed her wrist perfectly and twisted it the other way. Carolina screams in pain. I held on to it and used my other arm to elbow her face. Then I impaled her multiple time in the neck and slide kick her legs, making her trip. Finally, I screamed in anger and pounded her face with my fist, causing her body to sizzle away in Arc energy.

I pant heavily. I did it. The crowd is in silence and shock. Carolina's Ghost appeared in resurrection mode. "Crimson Solrac is the Victor of the match!" Shaxx announced. The crowd was still silent. Suddenly I had an aggressive mood. I was still angry for some reason.

As I was panting, my mouth was open enough so my teeth were showing, not to mention my teeth were clenched. I never do that.

+ + +

I went to my room aggressive still. My hands were tense, and I had the urge to fight more for some reason. I plant my hands on the kitchen counter leaning forward. My front door opened. It was Indigo. "What the hell?!" She shouted. I looked at her without saying a word. "Crimson! There was no need for that!"
"No need for what?!" I argued back.
She took a step back terrified. "What?!" I demanded.
"Uh.." She said, frightened, pointing at her teeth, Meaning something was on my teeth. I whipped body towards the bathroom to look in the mirror. When I opened my mouth, I saw something I've never had before. A pair of sharp, deadly, vampire-looking fangs replacing my canine teeth, like as if they grew sharper.

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