The Fanfic Lore: Styles And Personalizations of A Guardian

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Marks, Bonds, and Cloaks have their own fixed set to a certain class for the Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. However, throughout evolution, the Guardians have grown quite fond of their personality to their class items.

Before, Warlocks had bonds that they would wear on their upper arm. Now they wear them on ankles, neck, wrists, or as rings. The Warlocks with rings are superior among all Warlocks. The more rings, the more respect.

Now, Warlock wear theirs for rank purposes, however, Hunters wear theirs to show their type of environment in the wilds. For example, Hunter who wear Fallen type Cloaks are known as Kell Hunters. Those who wear Crucible Cloaks are experts at Guardian hunting. Lastly, the ones who wear Vanguard Cloaks are the ones who serve for the Vanguards; patrolling and completing strike bounties. Cloaks are made in different lengths. But they ways they wear it shows how open they are to fireteams, or how lonely they've been. Teamwork type of Cloaks are short to medium length, very colorful, and has an obvious symbol that is easily noticeable. But the Hunters who hunt in the dark, those who the path of a lone wolf, have medium to long cloaks, dark colored or simple colored, and don't have a symbol very often. Cloaks like these are wrapped around the whole body, making a dress Cloak, concealing the Hunter.

Last but not least, the Titan. They wear their Marks, not for respect, or for style, but for what they serve for. The Defender Mark is represented for the ones who protect the last city from the city, or beyond their walls. And the Striker Mark is represented for the ones who need to break free from their chains and attack the enemy defenses. At first, Marks are worn on the hip, now they wear it as a scarf, shoulder pad, or as an arm bond, tying them around themselves.

Now, Guardians gain these personalities based on family exposure. To simple it out, your Personality is based on the household you live in. If your family is rowdy and reckless, you're going to be a more "Hunter" like personality. There are many examples such as these, but some may a alternative. For a fact, all of these symptoms are not guaranteed to family exposure. It could be a host exposure, or simply just... influence.

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