Chapter 16: Provoked

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When arriving at the Tower hanger, I walked off and stretched. "Ahhh," I yawned "Welp, I think I deserve some sleep." I said. "Is this really all you do?" Ghost says. "You go to Class, Go on to Dangerous Missions, then sleep?"
I nod. "Yep, pretty much."

As I walk the narrow hallway towards my room, I see Carolina across from me. Upon contact, she shoves me with her shoulder in an obvious, intentional way, causing me to take a step back to regain my balance. She laughs in a low voice. "Is that what you call a shoulder charge." I silently mumble.

Suddenly her footsteps stopped. "Excuse me?!" She barked. Damn, I didn't think she would hear me. I scratch the back of my head. "Uh, I said I'm sorry?" I lie. She walks aggressively towards me and pushes me down to the carpet ground. "I'd watch what you say, Glowstick!" She did not just call me that... "Now back off before I make you!"
I didn't respond. Instead I just stared at her with my eyes arched down. I was still on the ground. She turns and walks away saying, "That's what I thought, Bitch."

Now there's something telling me that I should fight her, or better yet, kill her. That just ruined my day. My face was hot red, and my fist were tense. I opened my door and slammed it shut. I needed something to punch to let my anger out, but I know I can't do that. I stand in the middle of my living room, isolating myself from punching anything. I spun around, preventing my anger getting to me, instead I grunt in frustration. My palms are sweaty from fisting my hands so tightly.

"Crimson, just calm down." My Ghost said. "I can't!" I barked back. "Why does she have to be an asshole to me!?" I gestured my hands. I paced in circles along the round rug I have. "Crimson, you're doing that thing again." My Ghost replied. I looked at him confused. "What thing?!"
"The thing with your eyes." He answered.
I forgot that when I'm stressed, my eyes glow even brighter. I close my eyes and count to 10. Sounds cheesy I know. But it works on me.

After counting and having a thought, I came up with a solution. "I've got it." I said calmly sitting on the couch. "What is it?" He asked. "I think it's time for that Crucible match with Carolina." I said.

+ + +

The next day I wasn't in the mood for talking. I had prepared my best gear and had practiced my Bladedancer abilities last night, and headed to Crucible Class.

I walked passed Felix and Indigo right outside the classroom without looking at them. "Crimson!" Felix called out. I stopped and looked barely at him with my Kellhunter's Hood on. "Hmm?" I hummed. "Crucible class is at the Bannerfall Tower." He said. Crap, he's right. I nod and start running away. "Wait, Crim!" He shouted. I didn't stop.

As I was making my way towards Bannerfall, I wondered, Felix and Indigo were talking to each other? I thought it was mutual. Before I let my mind sidetrack, I kept focus on how I'm going to destroy Carolina.

When I step foot on Bannerfall, I could already hear Shaxx talking to the Students. I ran towards his voice and saw him and Carolina. That feeling of hate was back. But last time it felt like a heat wave, this time it felt like a sun dialed up to a Sunsinger on steroids. Indigo hates that phrase. Pretty sure it offends her.

"Oh, look who's late." She taunts. "Guess those detentions don't do anything to you."
"Now now Miss Rain. We are just here to train." He added.
"Speaking of Which," I said in a low voice. "I want to battle."
Everyone that heard me turned to me and got silent. I looked around and saw them stare at me and looked back at Shaxx. "Who would that be?" Shaxx asked. "Her." I pointed of Carolina.
The crowd started whispering and made a few gasps. Carolina starting Laughing. "Haha, really? Look who's pissed." She insulted. "You sure you're ready for this? Or are you just on your period?"
I can't take this anger anymore. I grip the blade on my left hand, causing small Arc energy to release from my hand. I hid Arc energy.

"That's enough," Shaxx said calmly. "Let's settle this." He took us to the middle of the Tower, which is an open area. Everyone in Bannerfall followed us with silent excitement, as if they watched a movie and left them on a cliffhanger.
Shaxx told the crowd the boundaries of the battle area so they won't be in the way. Shaxx walked towards us and spoke to everyone. "Today! We have two Guardians fighting right here, right now!" Carolina stares and smiles at me with such confidence. "Crimson Solrac, Vs. Carolina Rain!"

I think now is the time to show her the side of me that I never showed her. I looked at her. I chuckled at her in a growling voice. Surprisingly, her smile became a straight, confused, intimidated face. Wow, it actually worked. But she got serious.

"Rules are simple!" Shaxx continued. "Mercy rule is not in effect!" The crowd's whispers grew to low voices. "Which means, you keep fighting, until your Light is depleted and your Ghost is in Resurrection Mode." Perfect. As I equipped my helmet, I saw Felix and Indigo with worried looks. "Are you ready!?" I nod malevolently. Carolina nods too.
"Three... Two.... One..... Begin!"

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