Chapter 32: The Garden's Spire Part 2

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Ten minutes later, Indigo and everyone else finally arrived. They all took cover near me.

"Now I can see the problem," said Felix.

"Oh you don't say, asshole?!" I say in a sarcastic voice. "I thought they were here to help us!"

"Okay, I get it!" Felix snickered.

I replied back with a growl.

"Felix, move up, I need you to snipe him," I said.

"Uh, with all due respect, I prefer not to be killed, thank you very much," he replied.

I grunt at him and sighed.

"Marcus, any ideas?" I asked him.

"I dunno, got any nukes?" He asked.

"You mean the one I'm going to drop on Felix if he doesn't MOVE THE HELL UP!" I growled.

"Yes yes, I can see just fine from here, thank you."

"We need to get through their defense, no one has any ideas?" I said once more.

No one answered. Until Marcus spoke up.

"I have one," he said. I direct my attention to him. "How bout I use my defender ability? Instead of using it in one place, I can modify it to create a ball around you as you move?"

"So like a protective hamster ball?" I referenced.

He nodded. "Pretty much, yeah."

"Okay, we can do that. I'm ready when ever you are."

"The only thing is that I can only keep it active from a limited range so if you too far, the ball will disappear," he said.

"How far can it go?" I asked.

"I dunno. I never tried this technique before," he replied.

I had to risk it, we're sitting ducks and can't stay here long. Marcus activated a purple sphere around me and warned me that to be ready to defend if it goes out. I hold my Arc blade, for faster agility, and ran towards the other side of the bridge. The Colossus fired heavily at the ball, but the ball held quite strong. It was scary, someone shooting with so much firepower at me, but knowing I'm safe. I went under the platform the Colossus was standing from and went passed him. He fire at me still as I ran. The second I stopped and looked at the Colossus, the ball disappeared. All I felt was my sparking Light breaking off me, and the bullets tearing through my skin. I screamed, collapsed, and fell. I died and remained in resurrection mode. I heard Marcus cried out for my name in an angry voice. Then I hear the sound of the Colossus's death. It was quiet. Light was being returned to me, I was resurrected. I see Marcus, staring down the dead Colossus, panting.

"Did he..." I trailed off.

"Yeah," said Indigo. "He got pretty mad at that."

He'd risk that, for me?

When that was over, I plugged the eye into the Spire's socket. The rocks from the Spire cracked apart, floating and spiraling around it. A beam from the Spire pointed towards the eye, charging it.

"The eye is charged! It's time we enter the Black Garden and finish this!" Said Nolan.

"Agreed," I nodded. "It's been long enough. This ends now."

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