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Warrior Scholar RWBY/Destiny Crossover by I1IFrostyI1I
Warrior Scholar RWBY/Destiny Cole-3/Frosty
Main Story of The Warrior Scholar Male Exo Warlock Volume. 1 - Completed A Warlock under the name YN-3 is sent to an unknown cave that mysteriously opened up, with an an...
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RWBY and Destiny crossover  Vol 1 by GhostKing-2552
RWBY and Destiny crossover Vol 1by Ghost King
First, you're in a world where you fight aliens on different planets, but then sucked inside a wormhole that carries you to another dimension? That's one crazy life. P...
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Destiny's Warden (akame ga kill! X Destiny crossover) by Spartan_S-297
Destiny's Warden (akame ga kill! Spartan Exmz S-297
Y/n has been bored around his village as goes around killing dangerbeasts. One day he desires to go to the capital. When he gets there he discovers the corruption and th...
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No Guardian, I by abuchkowsky
No Guardian, Iby Artiom Buchkowsky
Jasker Marlyn has finally decided - today he leaves the City, and the life he knew, behind. What will he find out there, in the wild? What is his inheritance?
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The Lone Wolf (Male Reader Hunter In Remnant) by aceofspadeswielder
The Lone Wolf (Male Reader Skully1562
As a young hunter is patroling he finds a fatal Hive ritual that killed 5 gaurdians, but he gets teleported to an unknown land. How will the young wolf fare against unkn...
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Brothers by HallowedReader1
Brothersby HollowedPrince
Saint 14 was THE Titan legend that everyone in the city knew. However, people questioned how he always got the job done. Did he ever have help? Well, that is a secret on...
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RWBY and Destiny crossover Vol 3 by GhostKing-2552
RWBY and Destiny crossover Vol 3by Ghost King
We've been here for almost a year, but... something's happening. I have a feeling I'm about to change... for the worst. Not just me... but everyone else as well. It's...
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Eyes Up, Guardian by demiclar
Eyes Up, Guardianby Claire
Theresa Archon never expected to be anything special. She was never meant to be a guardian. She was never meant to be a savior. But that is what she became, and with it...
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Lightside by Will-Red
Lightsideby Will-Red
Where Darkness exists, so must Light. The battle between the two seeming to be an ever unending conflict that has no foreseeable ending. In a world not very much differe...
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Spark of Paracausality: A new spark by Queen_Wicked_YT
Spark of Paracausality: A new sparkby クイーン・ウィキッド
When one Legend dies, Another is born. Each Legend has its story. Each Legend is a growing trend that grows and explores until it meets its end. Humanity has grown quite...
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Slave to the Crown by Dovahqween
Slave to the Crownby Muzz
What happens when a Guardian cannot see the "good" that the Traveler has done anymore? When they cannot see beyond the destruction that it brought in its wake...
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The Titan of Remnant: A Destiny X RWBY Tale by After_Hours_Writer
The Titan of Remnant: A Destiny Austin, An Author of Stuff
After an unknown portal opens up in the Black Garden, a lone Titan enters a new and unknown territory. With no communication to the Vanguard, he must become the guardian...
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RWBY X Destiny crossover Chibi by RedKnight-7567
RWBY X Destiny crossover Chibiby Crimson Hunter
Hey guys this is Chibi of my story, with character in it. I'm gonna make it cute and funny, also there's no cursing, not allowed.
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Destiny grimorio by DamianOlaveSkoljarev
Destiny grimorioby Chanchoman
el grimorio de destiny 1y2 lo mas ordenado y claro posible
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Destiny- King's Wrath by MoonlightDragon
Destiny- King's Wrathby Ryft // Evvie
After the Taken King fell, life at the tower for the Guardians returned to its usual monotony. Medals were issued, speeches were given, and the Traveller blossomed with...
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Destiny: Peace Taken Away(Sequel to Twos Destiny) by starluigi1010
Destiny: Peace Taken Away(Sequel Guardian Star
The year following the events of long ago, the Vanguard issued new leaders, and now Oryx, a long forgotten enemy searching for revenge, for his slain son, Crota. How wil...
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I Will Save You. (A BajanCanadian/Destiny Game FanFiction) by Dest1nyGe3k
I Will Save You. (A The Doctor
Mitchell Hughes is on an amazing journey across the land. When scientists found ways to survive on Mars, Venus, and the Moon, Him and his friends decided to go on a jour...
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The Destiny That Guides Us [2] by QuickSilver-is-Bae
The Destiny That Guides Us [2]by E M O B O I
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New Dawn by Irene-Grace
New Dawnby Irene Grace
A purely fiction piece of work about the beginning of the Guardian's journey and how they became the greatest hero of the galaxy.
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