Author's Note

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Hey guys! I just wanted to say thank you so much for reading my Destiny FanFiction! I've put so much time into this book and I'll put even more time into more books such as Dark Below, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and of course, Destiny 2.

Every idea has an inspiration. What was mine? It all started with the fan made Necromancer Warlock subclass on YouTube. My story started with an antagonist rather than a protagonist. The reason I went for this direction rather than just following the story of Destiny Vanilla, was so that the FanFiction had that FanFiction-y taste. Destiny Vanilla didn't contain what was required to create a story that had a challenge.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Destiny or it's story. I love Destiny more than any other game possible. If it wasn't for the Destiny Grimoire, Destiny would have plummeted, and Bungie's 10 year creation wouldn't continue. I'm glad that Destiny grows. I'm glad that Bungie does this for us.

Story Plot
The FanFiction starts as normal just like the game. Your Ghost resurrects you from the dead and guides you to the Tower, easy. In the game, there were multiple missions that didn't correlate like a domino effect. First is was Restoration, secondly, The Dark Within, then The Warmind, and lastly, The Last Array.
In the FanFiction, we made it so we (Crimson) can see a story taking us places. We chose the most vital missions such is, Restoration, Chamber of Night, A Stranger's Call, The Awoken, Eye of a Gatelord, The Garden's Spire, & Black Garden. (And Some More We Didn't Say)

Bungie told us (Not in exact quotes) that our Guardians will evolve over time and will progress as we keep playing. That's a vital thing about the game. So we wanted to make that vital to our characters. When we first started the FanFiction, we wanted to welcome readers of all walks in their Destiny life. Nothing more says welcome than introducing a Hunter, Titan, and a Warlock. These Guardians are named, Crimson, Indigo, and Carolina.
Now, it's not just 3, we have way more characters such as, Felix, Violet, Raven, Bronze, Athena, and much more. You will see these characters evolve and change together and/or alone over time.

The Destiny Lore plays one of the biggest roles in the Destiny universe. The biggest Lore that will tie around the FanFiction will be the Books of Sorrow. Sorrow will be a big thing in the FanFiction because all these rumors about Dark Guardians and Those powers that could destroy us is something I want to witness. I want to make that a reality into the Destiny FanFiction. I want to see how heroes can crumble under the evils of the worst of the worst. That doesn't mean I want them to lose and suffer. Rather, I want to see how they will handle the situation of having a Darkness that's Human, Awoken, or Exo. Could it change a lot? Who knows. Maybe nothing changes. However, this FanFiction is written from the way I see the Lore. (Aside from tweaks and purposeful changes)

Anyways, thanks for reading my FanFiction! We've hit 1.53k Reads the second this was published! Thank you so much! That's means a lot to me!

I'll see you guys in the next FanFiction.

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