Chapter 6: The Dark Beyond

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The next day I was excited. For the very first time I'm going to the moon! I've never been there before. I find it exciting because I stare at it almost every night before I sleep, and I've always wondered what was up there.

I headed to the hanger and checked in with Amanda Holiday. "Amanda, is the Warp Drive installed?" I asked her. "Yep! You're all set for flight!" She said. I walked on board my ship and took off the moon.

As the Ghost was piloting the ship, I geared up at the back of the ship. "Okay... Patience and Time, Check. And The Last Word. Two weapons I love the most. (Other than Ice Breaker of Course...)

When sat in the front seat, my Ghost told me his motive of researching the moon. "I would look up at the moon and used to wonder what the Hive were doing. But back at Earth all I could pick up was hazy like it was blocked or buried," he said. "But why did we do nothing about the moon when it was being taken over by the Hive?" I asked. "We gave up the moon to keep the hive away from Earth. We hoped it was enough for them," he replied."

When we landed, we located the lost guardian's trail and followed it. "A Guardian came here, searching for a way to enter the Hive Fortress, but he disappeared. Let's look for his last know coordinates." My senses didn't feel right about this.

"It seems like the Guardian had this old accelerator Captured last time he was here," Ghost said. It lead to a abandoned base that had Ghost telemetry all over.

As we checked the base, I couldn't help feeling that we were being watched. The Ghost hacked the Colony Equipment and found something. "He was looking for the remains of an old colony base, not too far. Maybe he's still there."

But by the time we were done searching, we heard a Skiff land. "Fallen, we're being hunted," Ghost said.

I walked out prepared and aware when suddenly a stealth Vandal tried to assassinate me, but I countered his attack with my blade. There were Skiffs landing trying to ambush me. This Fallen house doesn't understand who they are dealing with.

Once they were defeated, Ghost was able to activate the Sparrow link, allowing me to summon my sparrow. But before I did, across the base there were Fallen using a vehicle that caught my eye. They had guns on a vehicle. I was attracted to it.

"I got to have one," I said. I took cover and waited for the vehicle to pass by. Once it did, I hopped on and kicked the driver off. It felt bigger than my Sparrow. "Pike," Ghost said. "What?" I replied. "It's a Pike. A Fallen vehicle."
"I got to bring one of these home," I said.

The second location of the Guardian's Activity was a colony base not too far. I drove the Pike to the base and see what we could find.

When we got there, I parked the Pike and searched the place. "Wait! I found something," Ghost said. "Looks like he set up camp here. Last known coordinates he recorded was a Hive fortress called, The Temple of Crota. Sounds like a Deathtrap."

When I was at the place, the fortress was locked up and I guess you could say inactive. "This Ground is hollowed out for miles. Who know what's happening under your feet," he said.

Once we had a View of the canvas, we check the area out. "I think we found the Temple," He said. Then I saw something in the ground. I couldn't identify it until my ghost told me. "Up ahead, Guardian down," he said.

"It's a Titan," I said, examining the body. "There's nothing left." I looked up to the fortress and at the moment only imagine who would do this. There was a Hive sword next to him. Maybe a Knight Killed him? Or maybe he died using the sword. "Not even the Light," Ghost added. "Where's his Ghost?" I suddenly started to get curious of that too. As my Ghost tries to inspect the Hive entrance, I hear an unusual sound behind me. I look up on the top of the hills and a mysterious figure, a person for sure, but I couldn't really see its face.

Before I could look long enough to identify, an ominous sound came from the Hive door, causing me to look. When I looked back at the hill, it wasn't there anymore. So then I directed my attention to the fortress and prepared myself. "We may want to move back," Ghost said in a low voice.

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