Chatper 1: A Guardian Rises

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Destiny: Become Legend
Based on and Inspired by The Game, "Destiny."

"Guardian? Guardian, Eyes up, Guardian," A faint voice said, I looked up, staring at a floating cube drone with a blue eye and Formed With Polygons. "It worked, you're alive!" He exclaimed. "You don't know how long I've been looking for you!" I look down to my reanimated body and hands as he introduced himself.

"I'm a Ghost, actually now I'm 'Your' ghost. And you've been dead for a really long time, so you're gonna see a lot of things you won't understand." My mind is starting to reboot itself. My memories, I remember when I was a child. That's all.

Suddenly I heard a monstrous shriek out in the open distance. The Ghost turns around towards the sound and back to me. "This is Fallen territory," he said, "we are aren't safe here, I have to get you to the City. Hold still." He flew towards me and Disappeared. I felt a small shock in my head. I thought it was my reanimation side effect. "Don't worry I'm still with you," he said in my head. "We need to move, fast." I stood still and attempted to speak, but my brain was too young to process it.

"I didn't bring you back just for you to die again," he warned. "We have to move." I ignored him and kept trying, but couldn't. "You can hear me right?!" He said impatiently. "We are going to die out here!" Then his voice becomes lower and calm. "I need you to trust me on this, we'll be safer inside." Then I realized I had no choice. So I went inside and followed a catwalk.

"Ok, I need to find you a weapon before the Fallen find us," He advised. I nodded my head and kept walking. Just before I turned the corner, in the wall was a creature climbing up on the other side of the torn wall like a spider. I jumped and fell back. I got up and kept walking until I was in a big area of dark fog. I couldn't see what was a foot ahead of me.

My Ghost appears and flies to the dark as I watch his blue light fly with him. "Hang tight," he said. "Fallen thrive in the dark, we won't, we need more light." As he flies around the dark, I sense something watching me. I look around the dark and see blue eye looking dots on the walls.

When the lights came on, crackling sounds start sparking and now the whole canvas is clear. The blue dots I saw were the creatures' eyes that dropped down and are now going to kill me. "I may have over done it!" He shouted flying towards me. A cage opens next to me. "Here! I found a rifle, grab it!" The weapon was a rusty auto rifle. "I hope you know how to use that thing,"  he added. I've never used it before, at least not from what I can remember.

As I carefully walk down the hall with my guard and focus, I see a faint shadow who is around the corner. "What was that?" He asked. Suddenly a circular radar appeared on the top left of my vision, I think my helmet is doing that. "Eyes peeled, watch your motion tracker," He showed.  "Oh," I thought.

As I walk around the corner, two creatures appeared from the walls and pointed their guns at me. I fired carelessly with a firm grip and closed my eyes. When I open them back up again, they were dropped to the ground. "I did it?" I said. Right after saying that I realized I was able to talk again. "Lucky," he commented.

There were about a couple dozen Fallen I've had to kill now. As I walk across a bridge, my Ghost indicates something on the other side of the bridge. "A loot cache," he said. "Let's see what's inside." When I opened it, there was a sniper and a shotgun. "Your choice," he said. At this point I remember when my father took me to the firing range and allowed me to test different guns. Shotgun and Sniper were my two choices, therefore I picked up both.

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