Chapter 15: A Stranger's Call Part 2

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"That was not easy." Pant heavily. "What are these things?! My Ghost exclaimed. "Are there any still intact that I can analyze?!" I kneel down to take a breather and examine these things with my Ghost, then a voice boldly said, "Well fought." Behind me. I turn around. It's her. "You're here." I say. She walks passed me down the short flight of stairs. "We haven't got much time." She says. "Wait, who are you?" I ask.
"Why have you been watching us?" My Ghost asked.
"Yeah and how do you know my name?" I added. "I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain." Suddenly she speaks, but not to us. "I will. I will. I know."
"Will what?" My Ghost asks.
"I wasn't talking to you, Little Light." She replies.
"I'm a Ghost, actually." He replies back.

She walks towards me. "Many Guardians fell. Strong ones. But you made it here." Then she turns back and starts talking again to something else, like she's trying to multitask. "-- Yes. I'm listening. They are here. With me. --" she goes on.
"Who's she talking to?" My Ghost asks.
"Understood." She finishes. As my Ghost fly towards her, she gently pushes him aside and focuses on me. I smirk in my helmet because of funny that looked.

"You need my help, Crimson." She says
"Is that why you brought us here?" I assume.
Then she walks toward the Vex I killed. "They brought us here. The Vex. Evil so dark it despises other evil." She says.
"You're not a guardian." My Ghost says softly.
"No. I was not forged in Light." She implies. "But where I believe where our paths cross. Ground...could break." She says, Crushing the dying Vex unit's weak spot. My Ghost and I were a little intimidated.
   She looks back at me. "Have you heard of the Black Garden?" She asks.
"We've heard the legends." My Ghost answers.
"The greatest threat to us all lies there, where these machines are born. Find the Black Garden, rip out its heart. Only then will your Traveler begin to heal."
"Can you help us find it?" I ask.
"My path's my own. I can't." She replied. When she said, "I can't," her accent reminded me of Indigo. "Listen, meet me here tomorrow at dawn." She said. "But wait I-" Suddenly I heard her radio go off. She turned around again and spoke to it.

"Too late, returning. how many?" She asked. "Hold position, kill the engines and don't let them find you." She says, disappearing into thin air, leaving white curly strings. I frown. "Awww. I didn't get to say what I wanted to say!" I complained, crossing my arms. "Okay. How bout we ask the Awoken about the Black Garden?"

"How bout we can just stay here with the murderous robots?" He asked. "Sure. Little Light." I joke. "Don't do that." He said annoyed. "Oh wait!" I exclaimed. "That's what I'll name you!"
"Please don't." He complained.

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