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Unicorn Western by johnnybtruant
Unicorn Westernby Johnny B. Truant
Cast out from the magical kingdom of The Realm and into the dying desert of the Sands beyond, Marshal Clint Gulliver and his unicorn Edward have finally found peace in t...
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Sisters of the Heavenly Fire by krazydiamond
Sisters of the Heavenly Fireby Kristin Jacques
Spies, Brawlers, Gunslingers, and Swordsworn. The Sisters of the Heavenly Fire are ladies of dubious origins, gathered under the command of Mother Superior Ione. They a...
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High Noon by KyleTaylor
High Noonby KyleTaylor
A short 50 word story that took inspiration for the cowboys of the Old West and how some may have felt when it came to their possible demise, honestly the description is...
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Fenris Northlander: Gunslinger by LucyTheImmune
Fenris Northlander: Gunslingerby LucyTheImmune
Fenris Northlander is a Gunslinger Pirate, with twelve pistols, two rapier pistols, an ax musket, and a scoped rifle as well as nearly three hundred thousand gold. He is...
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Potent Potential by SidneyArden
Potent Potentialby SidneyArden
The future, 2400, is not the technology abundant world we imagined it. Flying cars and artificially intelligent robots aren’t given a second thought when you have to use...
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The Gunslinger's Glory by EllyWest
The Gunslinger's Gloryby Elly West
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The Demon Swordsman by SeraphNine
The Demon Swordsmanby Patryk Shepard
Once a Samurai, the Ronin Ryoma Mushin has been labeled The Demon Swordsman by the Ironblood Empire. Blamed for crimes he did not commit, Ryoma has been avoiding capture...
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The prodigal son(A gunslinger fanfiction) by Rajuin
The prodigal son(A gunslinger ᴡᴡᴡ
In the dark tower series, a young Roland fathered a child that died, what if the child had lived?
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Windblown Saviour by TheOrangutan
Windblown Saviourby Gavin Wilson
(Historical Fiction / Action) - Gunslinger: I may be feared and admired, but I call nowhere home. My gun and my skill define my existence. I was born fast, and endless p...
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The Greenhorn [ ONGOING ] by WesWhitaker
The Greenhorn [ ONGOING ]by WesWhitaker
Jarod Carson remembers nothing before waking up in the Campbells home. Nightmares haunt him and a sinister man hunts him. He must remember his past if he is to know the...
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The Savage and the Gunslinger (COMPLETED) by catelynn_rose
The Savage and the Gunslinger ( Catelynn
Savage: -fierce, violent, and uncontrolled. -a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. Aiyanna Mohave. Women envied her beauty and men wante...
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Masky X Hoodie X Gunslinger! Reader X Ticci-Toby by Michaelis14_2
Masky X Hoodie X Gunslinger! Michaelis14_2
Ellos I decided to do another Creepypasta but a Gunslinger Reader. Yush you are a gunslinger, awesome right?! Well I hope you guys like this story. ( Masky X Hoodie X Gu...
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Death in the Desert (The Dotson Chronicles #1) by DarkstarSteam
Death in the Desert (The Dotson Philip Morgan
In this harsh land, Death is a constant companion. Dotson is many things. Doctor. Natural philosopher. Avid reader. Living soul trapped in a steam driven clockwork autom...
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Child of Dreams by giventofly86
Child of Dreamsby giventofly86
For thirty years the mad emperor Nero waged genocide against the hated native Ascillians and any humans that stood against him. Now the Ascillians are gone and scattered...
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Jaren Ward And The Last Word by phantom6555
Jaren Ward And The Last Wordby phantom6555
Based off of destiny lore-My story of Jaren ward "I'm writing this from memory - some mine, but not all. The facts won't sync with the reality, but they'll be close...
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Gunslinger- a Bratt one-shot by MyAvengedRomance101
Gunslinger- a Bratt one-shotby MyAvengedRomance101
After Matt leaves Brian for two years, will he be able to make it home to his husband, or will he die honoring his country? Ok, this is written in Brian's perspective, s...
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Rock bottom defeat: A destiny game fan-fiction by triggerhappymaniac
Rock bottom defeat: A destiny Don't ask
This is my first fan fiction. My friends do a lot of them so I decided I would give it a go. If you enjoy it, drop a like, vote or comment! Maybe all three :3
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