Chapter 34: The Black Garden

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I woke up with no problem, no resistance, just waking up normally. I shined my armor and cleaned the barrel of my weapons. I went to the bathroom and applied the usual mascara and eyeliner. I extended the eyeliner a bit so it looked bold and curvy, extending the cat eyes style. I opened my mouth, staring at the mirror, and still see those deadly fangs. I thought about it and came up with an idea. I shaped my smile into a creepy smile, narrowing my eyes like a demon. I look so scary with the makeup and that creepy smile.

"That is so creepy," said Indigo behind me. I turn back and see her leaning against the doorway. "Don't ever do that again."

I laugh. "What's wrong? Ya scared?" I say, doing the same pose. But this time I hissed like a cat and shape my nails like claws.
"You're not even curious how you got those?" She asked, changing the topic.
"Meh," I wave my hand. "If they don't kill me, and they look sexy on me, I don't really care," I replied. And lemme tell you, I looked sexy with these, and you can't argue with that.

Indigo left to get some materials in Venus as I packed the last of the weapons to my ship. Once I was ready, I flew to orbit and locked my ship's coordinates to the Valley of The Kings, where the portal is at. I launched slipspace and mentally prepared myself by pacing back and forth the center room.

"I don't think we'll get a second chance at this," said Nolan.

"Yeah," I softly replied. I put down the weapon I was fixing and summoned Nolan on my hand.

"We pull this off, we can save the Traveler. If not, the Vex will seize our worlds."
"Hey, Nolan?"
"Yes?" He said.
"I just wanted to know that... no matter what happens, I'm glad you're able to put up with me and believing in me," I smiled.
"Me too," he replied. "We'll be there for each other no matter what."

I held back the tears that we're urging out of my eyes as I smile at him. When the tears gave up, I look at the front window of the ship and see the portal to the Black Garden. The ship circled around it and landed. The ramp lowered down, as I walk out. The ship closes up and flies away by itself.

"Now, the Vex are doing everything they can to protect the Black Garden," Nolan informed.

"That's fine. The more Vex, the disappointment they'll see once the heart is destroyed," I said approaching the portal. I stand in front of it and watch it slowly open. Right as it opened, Vex came swarming out, shooting heavy fire. I rolled to the cover on my right and peaked to see who we're dealing with. A Hydra, 2 Minotaurs, and a couple minions. The Hydra spotted me and fired its rapid pulse launchers at the wall. The beams that hit the wall connected with it and caused the radius to extend. I felt some of them hit, as I step away from them. The Goblin came charging in from the other side of cover, surrounding me. I fired at their "juice box," which what it's referred to as their weak spot, and killed them. Then the Minotaurs came shrieking in. I swapped weapons to my shotgun called, Party Crasher +1, and blasted them into pieces, thanks to my full auto modifier. Then it was just the Hydra. I used Golden Gun and shot the 3 golden shot at him once his spiraling shields revealed an opening. His head collapsed to the ground and exploded.

"Quick! The portal!" Nolan exclaimed. "It's closing!"

I ran as fast as I could towards the shrinking energy of the portal. The energy was a small little hole, becoming smaller and smaller. I dived into it and faceplant the ground. I don't think I made it. I look up and see two giant Vex statues covered in vines.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Not in Mars, I can tell you that, but it doesn't leads us to any known coordinates in space and time. I think this is the Black Garden. I guess we keep moving?" He said.

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