Chapter 26: Winter's Run (Strike)

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Next Day

"All Year One Guardians report to the Plaza," said the speakers in our room. It repeats the sentence once more. I equip my gear across from Carolina in the room that we share. "Can't believe the first semester is already over," Carolina says surprised. "Yep, pretty soon we'll be able to collect Raid bounties, or even compete in the Iron Banner," I reply. "The Iron Banner gear looks awesome," she says. I agreed. "Especially the Wolf Cloak," I then added.

We walk out into the hallway and towards the elevators, seeing all the Guardians crowded as I hear their overlapping voices. Carolina and I squeeze through to an elevator that was also crowded as well. A Warlock taps my shoulder. I look back. It's Tracey. She waves with a smile and puts her arm around me. "Hey! You guys ready to do some Strikes?" She says excitedly. "Heck yeah I am," I reply. "Always," said Carolina. When the elevator doors open we were the first to get out and stepped out of the way. I look around. "So many Guardians," I say. Nolan appears in the middle of us. "Approximately, 120,530 Year One Guardians," he said. "Nerd!" I say in his face. "For counting!?" He complained. "Please..." I love messing with him.
"We should probably get our seats, and fast before they fill up," Tracey suggested. I nod my head. "Right."
We enter the Plaza and see Cayde, Zavala, and Ikora standing on the upper platform, above the Hall of Guardians where the Bounty Tracker should be at. Then there's the Speaker, in front of them. "C'mon, let's hurry!" Tracey rushed. The Speaker began his speech as the voices died down.

"Guardians, created from Light..." I immediately put my Celestial Nighthawk on. I recently updated helmet and install a new feature to it. Headphones. I'm able to listen to music inside my helmet, and the best part is that it's 100% soundproof, so I can listen as loud as I want. So I start playing music and stare at the speaker as if I was actually watching. This feature will help me in so many ways like in Strikes, sleeping, or having a reason why I've been ignoring people. Dubstep/Electric is my style of music. It keeps my flow on beat.

After the speech, I walked out, leaving Tracey and Carolina, and went down the elevator. When I reached the hallway, I danced my way across the hallway corresponding to the music. I twirl, slide, and spread my arms out swiftly across the hall until I make it to my room. Then I jump on my bed and choose the Strike Bounties I will do today. I weave my head left and right over and over to the music as I choose. "Archon Priest?" I asked myself. "Nah." I swipe my phone to the next bounty. "Nexus, no. Summoning Pits? Not really." I continue and find nothing interesting. Suddenly I'm hit with a pen, hitting my helmet. I look up and mute my music.
"Hmm?" I say. It was Indigo. "Oh, what's up?" I ask.
"Want to do a strike with me and Felix?" She asked. "Great..." I thought.
"What is up with your attitude?" Nolan asked.
"I dont know, doin stuff with them is weird."
"Just do it for her, she's a sister to you," he said.
"Fine," I replied. Then I said sure to Indigo. "Great! Which one do you want to do?" She asked. "I was thinking maybe this one," I said, pointing to Archon Priest. "Looks like the Fallen raided the Prison of Elders and freed him. And they're gonna restore him back up and ready. If we can get there on time we can stop him before he gets too powerful."
"Great, I'll notify Felix. Meet at the hanger?" She asked, typing on her phone.
"Sure," I replied.
When she walks out, I pack my stuff and head to the hanger.
When I arrive at the hanger, I see Felix flirting with Indigo. Good thing I'm wearing a helmet, otherwise they'll see my annoyed face.
"I think we're good to go," Felix said. "Let's hop on."
We enter the ship and set course for Venus.
As we are flying there, I go to the backside of the ship and check my weapons and armor. I sit down and check the barrel of the The Last Word, making sure it's fresh and clean. Indigo sits across from me in the armory and checks her weapon. I take a quick glance of the weapons she has and can already tell what's she using. Ill Will and Plan C. Not typically the best setup, but oh well.
When we land, we summon our Sparrows and boost to the Winter's Lair, a House of Winter's Base. Once we got to the entrance, there was a Reaver Captain with two Vandals on his side, blocking the entrance. Felix opened fire on the Captain and Indigo charged up her fusion rifle at it as I went to the side, cutting them off. By the time I killed the Vandals, Felix and Indigo had the Captain shields down, that's when I chucked a Swarm grenade at it. I threw it on the ground, causing it to cluster into 7 more little tracker grenades, overwhelming the Captain. Once he was dead, we entered the Lair.
"How much time we have?" Felix asked Indigo.
"Maybe 20 minutes, tops," she replied, looking at the projection her Ghost made.
"Let's pick up the pace then," Felix said. We started to move faster until we got to an open area with Shanks, Dregs, Vandals, and pretty much what you'd expect when you see Fallen. I jumped ahead and shot the Shanks first. Then I jumped up to the second floor and I out-sniped the Sniper Vandals and supported Indigo and Felix from the second floor with my sniper, Patience and Time.
Once the enemies were cleared. We ran up a cave that led us to the third floor, then kept following the path and eventually led to the outside. Outside was a giant Fallen ship.
"A Ketch!" Nolan said.
"Wow! That's so cool!" I exclaimed.
"It must belong to the House of Winter. I've never seen one so up close before," he said.
"Neither have I!" I replied. I look down the mountain we were standing on and see Fallen fighting Vex.
"You guys go ahead," I said. I laid down on the top of the mountain with my sniper. "I'll cover you from here. They nodded and ran down opening fire as I picked off Fallen and Vex one by one. I saw Minotaurs and Hobgoblins heading towards Indigo and Felix. Just about I was going to snipe them, Indigo used her Nova Bomb with Lance on, allowing her to shoot it straight forward, and dusting them into the Void. As they make their way down, they reach a door that's locked. When the enemies were eliminated, Indigo used her Ghost to decrypt the door open.
"How long?" I asked through helmet comms.
"Shouldn't be too long," Indigo replied. For a minute it was silence. I sat up with crossed legs in meditation form, took off my helmet, closed my eyes, and relaxed. I breathe in and out slowly, Letting the wind flow through my cloak. Meditating helps put me into a better mood and sense my surroundings.

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