Chapter 12: Chamber of Night

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"Nothing is more important now. We believe the Hive are engaged in a ritual that is draining the Traveler of its Light. Whatever power they wield must be understood...and destroyed."
   We have to find it.

When we spawned in, I asked Ghost where would we find it. "I don't know," he answered. "This ritual could be happening in anyone of their thousands of chambers. If we can find cracks deep enough, I can map the entire Hive fortress."
"Crimson," Tracey said.
"Hmm?" I turned.
"I'll wait in orbit." She said.
"You sure?" I said.
"Yeah, this seems important. Besides, this could be something out of my Light level."

As Tracey went to orbit, I searched the around the Hellmouth for cracks. When I finally found one, I let my Ghost scan. "OK, good scan, but not enough to locate the ritual yet." He said. "It's never that easy." I commented. "Let's just keep looking." He said. Then I found another. "Ok, I found it. It's in the Temple of Crota, but further below." Said the Ghost. "We were literally there yesterday." I complained. "The Hive couldn't have start a ritual while we were in there?"

I used my Sparrow to get back there, but around the corner, my Ghost picked up something. "Someone is trying to establish contact us," he said. "It could be the speaker." The transmission was heavily distorted white noise. "Too much interference. Let's get out into the open."
    I ran outside the Temple of Crota for a stronger signal. My Ghost opened himself to strengthen the signal. "You're interesting." A voice said. "Not entirely interesting, but... you have promise." I felt offended. "What's that supposed to mean?!" I sassed. "But, who is that?"
"I dont know, I'm losing the signal," Ghost said. "Crimson. I know what you're about to do. It's brave. But there are enemies out here you would not believe."
How does she know my name?
"Out where?" I asked. For a moment, there was silence.
"Go down and face the Hive and if you live, come find me." said the voice. My Ghost closed up, "Signal dropped. I got some broken coordinates." Said Ghost
"Venus, Northern Hemisphere. Ishtar Region." Suddenly a roaring noise came from the Temple. "Great. what do we do now?" He asked. "We go down," I replied, staring at the Temple entrance.

When I was making my way down, halfway through there was a Hive seeder. "Hive seeder," Ghost said. "Just like the ones invading Earth. If we don't finish this, there'll be more of these hitting home." So I avoided all Hive and made it to a door. On the other side is where the objective is at. "Here it is, the darkest of all the Hive's Chambers," he said. "Ha, I doubt that," I replied. It's scary aright, but I wasn't scared. The door opened I took cover. "Scan," I whispered. My Ghost scanned the area, "3 Siphon Witches," he answered. "Nothing else. But I'm detecting 2 unknowns above us."
"Doesn't matter," I said. "Let's do this." I activated my Golden Gun and shot all 3 Siphon Witches. The objective in the middle was an oddly shaped object, being eaten by Darkness. I reached in to feel until my Ghost warned me desperately. "Wait, stop!"
"What?" I asked.
"We don't know it is!"
"So?" I insisted.
I felt the vibration humming to my hand without touching it. My Ghost cowered in fear for what will happen. I reached in and felt it. It started to suck my light from my arm and tried to lock my arm in. I pulled back as hard as I could but it was no use. Then I felt a bite from my arm. It felt like someone eaten my arm off. I screamed in pain.
I stopped struggling. I felt weak and sore. "Ghost," I said. "Light release."
"Are you sure?!" He said.
"Just do it!" I exclaimed. Light release allows us to split our Light bond so my Ghost can reserve Light for himself. Me on the other hand, I won't have Light so the Darkness can drain me quick and die. My Ghost will be in standby for Resurrection Mode.
I collapse to the ground with the Darkness devouring the remaining Light. My peripheral vision is blackening out by darkness veins. My eyes close, and I have fallen. I can sense my Ghost in Resurrection Mode as I sit in Darkness, Waiting...

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