Chapter 9: Old Rivalry

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"I want one!" I shouted. "Want what?" Felix asked. "A Dragon! I want one!" Felix stared at me like something was wrong with me. Which I take no offense of it. I cross my arms at him and smirk confidently at him. "Oh you're just jealous," I implied.

Later that day, I was heading to class until someone had stumbled onto me, someone I've known for a long time. Not like friends, more like Rivals. "Hey, Hunter," the voice said. I turned around slowly with my hood shadowing my face. "What?" I reply soft but boldly. "You may be fast but my fist can still catch up to your face," she taunted annoyingly. Carolina. I rolled my eyes, turned around and started walking until she said something that made me stop.

"How bout this, we have a fight! If you win, I'll stop messin with ya." My face wasn't taking her seriously, but at the same time, I was so used to this that I had a straight face. Besides, I don't have time to deal with her. She may talk smack, but she doesn't realize how powerful I am. The proof of that is she's never saw me in action before.

I've seen her Striker in action; its impressive, but still not good enough. But the thing that makes me wonder about her is that, out of all the Hunters in the Tower, why pick on me? She doesn't like Hunters, I can tell you that, but it seems like she has something against me.

"So what do ya say?" She asks. I rolled my eyes and answered back softly. "Why do insist on fighting me so much? Unless you have a reason, I don't care." I continued walking without interruption.

When I made it to my Crucible class and realizing that my rival, Carolina, was in the same class. Lord Shaxx, my Crucible Vanguard, was picking people for a friendly battle. I sat next to Indigo and told her about event that happened in the hallway.

"And she just told you up like that?" Indigo whispered. "Yea, but honestly I seriously don't care, she's the least of my concerns," I replied. Then I look behind Indigo across the classroom and see Carolina staring at me. I looked back at Indigo and continued our conversation, hoping Carolina would stop staring.

"You need to prove to her that you're stronger than her."
"No way," I say.
"Why are you holding back?" Indigo asked.
"Because, when her and I have a battle, It'll be time."

Carolina is known for winning every match up one on one, but when it comes to teams, she always blames them for losing or messing up. She's never faced me before, she's beaten almost every guardian in her Rarity (Grade class). The only Guardian in her Rarity she hasn't faced is me.

The reason why I'm holding back is because if she thinks she's so tough and top of the class, then I want her to feel like that until I'm the only one left to fight. And when I fight her and win, I want her to feel of how much of a jerk and loser she is. Sure, its cruel, but you don't know how many people wanted me to face her and win.

When class gets settled, Lord Shaxx chooses two people randomly from a box that has all of our names on a slip of paper. The first one he draws he shouts, "Carolina Rain!" Carolina walks down to the floor and takes her side. Suddenly I hear Indigo whispering, "Please don't pick me, please don't pick me," and repeats with her eyes closed and fingers crossed.

Shaxx pulls another slip and shouts Indigo's name. Indigo gently pounds the desk. "Damnit!" She grunts. I encourage her by helping her get up and say, "Looks like you're up." Honestly, I've never saw Indigo go up against a Guardian before. Her light is higher than me and Felix, but will she withstand Carolina?

Once both of them were ready on each side, I couldn't decide who watch closely to, so I just relaxed and decided watch both. Shaxx did the countdown for the battle of an unknown. "Ready, set, fight!"

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