Chapter 36: Our Fight is Far From Over

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3 weeks Later
After The Black Garden Event

Getting better and better, my Light is increasing at a great pace. Last time I checked, it was 102, now it's 170.
"And here I thought I needed to train. I was wrong," I say smirking at Felix, Carolina, and Indigo.
"Oh sod off. You only won because Felix wasn't listening," Indigo says sweeping off the dust from her robes.
Felix laughs as he stands up. "Me?! I was listening. But it's hard to keep pace of your voice and a twirling little Bladedancer Blinking every two seconds," he fired back. "Besides, Carolina was using Blessing of Light instead of using Armor of Light."
"Oh don't put shade on me," she replied pointing in front of him. "If Indigo didn't waste her Nova Bomb on a plant that she 'Assumed'" she says in quote fingers. "was Crimson's shadow invisible, then she would've gotten her when she used her Arc Blade."
I sit crisscross in front of them, smiling and rocking back and forth as they argue.
"If Felix didn't miss all of his Golden Gun shots, we would've won."
"Me?! Again?!" He complained smiling.
"Yeah!" Said Carolina. "Like seriously, she was right in front of you... HOW DO YOU MISS ALL THREE SHOTS?!" She gestures a tantrum.
I start laughing, causing me to lay down. I laughed for a good minute as they argued. Now my stomach hurts. They weren't serious about this argument, it's just what we do.

"Whatever," says Carolina.
"Alright losers, I believe the deal of our 1v3 was to pay up 5000 Glimmer, per-person," I said. They all open their phones grunting and transfer their glimmer to me. I access the postmaster from my phone and receive their Glimmer.
"Well that fight made me hungry. Anyone wanna fetch some food?" Asked Felix.
"Meh," I flop my hand. "I'll pass."
Indigo and Carolina to agree to go and leave. Minutes later, I left the Bannerfall tower as well and entered the main Tower's Plaza. Vibrations from my back pocket hummed against my body. I pull my phone out look at a text from the Vanguards, saying that they need me. I walk down the Hall of Guardians to go see what they need me for. As I'm walking across the hallway, I can see the Vanguards with an unknown person at the table. It looked like a girl, Awoken maybe. Her presence gives a green color around her, spiraling. Her eyes are covered by a mask. But under the mask there's three glowing eyes formed like the Hive eyes. She looks like she was once a Guardian, can't be sure of it. I stop and listen to the conversation that her, Ikora, and Zavala have.

"Please, you must hear me out," said the woman. She has a low and calm voice. Sounds like someone who wouldn't shout often.
"He has come to this realm to finish what he started."

"And why should we trust you?" Asked Zavala. "Who knows what the Hive done to you throughout all this time. You could be one of them."

"Commander," said Ikora in a calm tone. "What if she's right?"

Zavala sighs and dismisses the woman. He seems stressed. The woman starts heading towards my direction. She holds a green orb with some sort of energy in it. She spots me and urges me.
"Guardian, the Vanguards, you have to convince them," she told me.
I smile awkwardly. "Uh what for?" I ask.
"Crota, his army will flood the Moon, then Earth. If he's not stopped, he will devour our Light."
"Um, Ima just go..." I trail off, walking to the Vanguards. After doing that, I felt bad. What if she is telling the truth?

"She's a good friend of mine," said Ikora to Zavala. "She needs our help."

"Eris's Light is contaminated to the Darkness. She could be evil for all we know it," replied Zavala.

"Hey, we got a girl here listening. Do you mind saving it for later?" muttered Cayde, leaning on the table. I stand there nervously.
"Of course. Miss Saber, do you know why we called you?" Said Zavala.
"It wasn't because of the shortages of cupcakes, was it?" I whined.
"No, we called you bec- wait, what?" He says, as his face changes from stressed to perplexed.
"Oh what? Nothing!" I whistle nervously.
He turns to Cayde. "That explains the high investments in frosting and wheat," he told him.
Cayde shrugs and turns to me.
"But enough with that. A fireteam went into the Vault of Glass in Venus and haven't came back for a month," said Zavala. "And we have debated for a week for who we should send to find them... we chose you."
I have a pretty good idea why he chose me, but I still asked why he did. He replied to me that I've defeated multiple champions of the Dark, and that you've stood against the Black Garden and saved the Traveler.
"Well, I mean, it wasn't really that big of a deal," I said.
"Crimson, my point is we believe that you can fight through the mantle of Venus, and destroy the Time Conflux. And possibly find Praedyth, Kabr, and Pahanin."
This is a big deal. But why me? Why not anyone else?
"But if you don't think you are ready for it, then we will find someone else who does," he added.
I stare down and thought about this. I know I can't do this alone, but at the same time, there's hope that we can find them. Praedyth, Kabr, and Pahanin are legends. They understood the Vex and wielded amazing Light.
"Okay. I'll do it," I said.
"That's the spirit kiddo," said Cayde.
"You will be doing us a favor," said Ikora.
I pull my hair to the side and lean against the corridor wall. "However, I'm not going to do this alone. How am I supposed to convince my friends to help?" I ask.
"You won't have to," someone replied behind me.
I turn around and surprise myself. How did they know?
Indigo, Violet, Athena, Carolina, and Felix standing right behind me.
"They told us already, you were the last to be informed," said Felix.
"You son of a golden gun," I grin.
"I mean, C'mon, how can we pass up a good Raid?" Said Athena, balancing her knife on her finger.
I glance at her and see the new armor she wears. It looks cool.
"Violet? I'd least expect you to help," I said. "No offense."
She approaches me, staring at me with beautiful talon eyes. "I'm inclined. Besides, I'd like to be influenced by you, delicate flower," she says, petting my head.
"So that settles it then. We'll be engaging in our first official Raid," she added.
"Crimson, I've sent the telemetry and details to your Ghost," said Ikora. "Everything you need your Ghost will have it."
Nolan appears and confirms that he has it. I pet him and smile.
"Now if you want, for extra credit, if everyone comes back safely, if you write a five page essay about the Vault of Glass, then you will have a guaranteed A for the year," she said.
I immediately reacted to that and said, "Consider it done!"
Her and the other Vanguards smile.

+ + +

Everyone was packing supplies in their inventory. Food, ammo, weapons, etc.
Violet asked me to meet her in a room by ourselves.
The first thing she did when we were alone was to hug me. She hugged tightly. Throughout those three months, Violet and I have gained a powerful, close friendship.
"Be careful. Please," she begged.
I hold her tightly, brushing her hair. "I will. Don't worry," I said.
"You know I'll have to worry. I care for you very much. You're like my little Rose," she said.
"Awww," I said. "I'll take that as a I love you."
She giggled. She doesn't usually giggle at all.
"Yeah, I love you," she said.
Indigo and Violet are like sisters to me. Most Warlocks tend to have a very powerful need to care for others. Some Warlocks are even very soft and emotional.

We let go of each other and finished packing. We all grabbed our things and aboard the ship. The ship turned on and flew to orbit.
I set the coordinates to the Waking Ruins in Venus. As the ship entered slipspace, everyone was readying themselves and waited.
"So, if we make it out alive, I call buying drinks," I said.
"You sure you got enough Glimmer for that?" Asked Felix.
"More than you now," I fired back.
Everyone oohed and laughed. Felix smirked and shook his head.
The ship landed next to the entrance of the Vault door. We exited the ship and marched up the door. Since the Wolves cracked the seal, the Vex had to repair it. We got here as they were mid-way of repairing it. Vex Goblins were in a non-hostile position around the entrance.
"Let them be. It's best if we don't interrupt them," I said. "Besides, we'll in and out quick."
Everyone followed me inside the Vault of Glass. The Vault was filled with mossy rocks, waters, and Vex technology. The path we followed had a slight incline downwards. Descending down, it became foggy and somewhat hard to breathe.
I hear heavy breathing behind me. I look back to see Indigo walking nervously.
"Okay, okay," she whispers. "Closed spaces... high heights, It'll be just fine..."

Oh, Did I forget to mention that she has a fear of heights and she's claustrophobic?
Felix comforts her by holding her by her side, walking with her. He guided her away from the pit next to us.
The next part was the floating platforms. We all jumped across with no problem, even for Indigo. Then we reach the area where the Wolves attempted to use the Oracles. There was a gap we had to jump that led down. Once again, we all jumped across and found silence. It was too quiet. There was an object in the middle plate of the room.
"Take it," a voice whispered.
I looked around swiftly. All I see is everyone staring at me.
"What's the matter?" Carolina asked.
"Become one with time to reach the Time Conflux," the voice said.
"Who is that?" I thought.
"Who's what?" Asked Nolan.
"You don't hear it?" I said.
"No," he replies.
I stare at the object. It's a floating... thing.
"That's the relic," said Nolan. "A relic that can modify Vex time. The Aegis."
I walk to it and touch it. I feel a hum of Vex energy examining my Light. I hold it by the back of it, like a shield as if I was Captain America.
I swung my arm as the shield is gripped to me. Suddenly Vex energy started bursting up. Someone was coming. I turn around and see a fully shielded Hydra. It was way bigger than normal.
Everyone else backed up and pointed their weapons at it. The Hydra started shaking as it spoke its language. as it shook, little blue lights appeared, then disappeared.
"This is the protector of the Vault," said Nolan. "The Templar."

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